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Oprah Goes Back To The Past To Help OWN

Oprah Goes Back To The Past To Help OWN

As we know, the Oprah Winfrey Network hasn’t been doing as well as expected, ratings wise. So now, in an attempt to boost ratings, starting on Oct 10th on weekdays at 8PM (7PM Central), OWN will re-broadcast old episodes of her talk show.

The new series, which will be titled “Own Your Life,” will recycle and reformat old episodes as a “classroom intended to help viewers improve their lives”. And to show that she’s hard at work in her new position as CEO of OWN, she tweeted this photo of herself at her desk at the office.

C’mon that can’t be for real. We’re supposed to believe THAT’S her office? Yeah, right. Oprah of the common people. I ain’t buying it. Her REAL office has got to be even more elaborate and more spectacular than King Farouk’s (look him up) throne room.

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First, who wants to see the old re-runs?
Second, Oprah needs to wise up to the fact that America doesn’t need HER to improve our lives. Especially since she can’t seem to improve her own life.
Third, it’s presumptuous of her to believe she holds the keys to everyone’s happiness.
Fourth, Oprah is so last decade.


@ JMac: My thoughts exactly. There isn’t even a computer on her desk, what is she brainstorming?


Airing old episodes of her talk show is the best idea they’ve come up so far for OWN.

Oprah needs to step back from OWN and put creative development in the hands of professionals and those who know the business. The problem with OWN is there is too much Oprah influence to begin with.

Look at how she ruined Beloved. Too much Oprah influence.


@Jmac Lmao!

Lol “ace boon coon, Tyler Perry.” That is just too funny!

Oprah’s entire OWN network needs a revamp. The entire line-up of her shows are extremely boring I still can’t believe good money went towards the development of this network.


Has to be an old, old photograph. That’s almost exactly how my previous home office looked and I know Oprah’s got more money than that.

Adam Scott Thompson

I wonder why she doesn’t produce a slate of new content with her ace boon coon, Tyler Perry. Oh, yeah… ’cause if it was on her network she’d actually have to OWN up to the fact that it’s hot garbage.

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