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Preview – “The Weird World of Blowfly” (The Original Dirty Rapper)

Preview - "The Weird World of Blowfly" (The Original Dirty Rapper)

He’s known as the original dirty rapper! Blowfly – the stage name for Clarence Reid, who wrote songs for several hit R&B groups in the 1960s and ’70s. But he also recorded albums as Blowfly, his alter-ego usually seen in an ostentatious superhero costume, known especially for his x-rated raunchy raps, starting with a track called Rapp Dirty released in 1965.

At 69 years-old, Blowfly continues to record new material and tour the world, fighting for success and recognition, and the film The Weird World of Blowfly, directed by Jonathan Furmanski, documents Reid’s/Blowfly’s journey.

The documentary, which was shot over two years, follows Reid/Blowfly today “and we see his life, career and philosophy unfold. A revealing portrait of an unheralded man, The Weird World of Blowfly examines Clarence’s personal and professional contradictions, explores his legacy and celebrates his musical and cultural significance as a rapper and soul music legend.

The Weird World of Blowfly is has been touring the film festival circuit since last year, and continues to do so, having played at SXSW, and the Florida Film Festival most recently. It’s expected on DVD later this year.

I’m told a brand new trailer will debut soon, and once that happens, it’ll be posted here.

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“Now it’s time for the late great Rudy Ray Moore to get an documentary of his own”

I don’t know Sergio, I know we have rap and er’thang, but I don’t think the new kids are ready for Rudy Ray. Well…

How about Signifying Monkey… lets listen in:

He talked about your people till my hair turned gray!
He said your daddy’s a freak and your momma’s a whore.
Said he spotted you running through the jungle sellin asshole from door to door!
Said your sister did the damndest trick.
She got down so low and sucked a earthworm’s dick.
Said he spotted yo niece behind the tree,
Screwin a muthafuckin flea!
He said he saw yo aunt sittin on the fence
Givin a goddamn zebra a french.
Then he talked about yo mammy and yo sister Lou,
Then he start talkin about how good yo grandmaw screw.
Said yo sister’s a prostitute and yo brother’s a punk,
And said I’ll be damned if you don’t eat all the pussy you see every time you get drunk!
He said he cornholed your uncle and fucked your aunty and niece, And next time he see yo grandmaw he gonna get him another good piece.

WOW! I mean, Sergio, how are we even going to explain some of the titles of his albums? You know, like “This P*ssy Belongs To Me” let alone all the tiddy and ass splashed across the covers.

And Sergio, I am just having a hard time seeing you play that kind of “stuff” in your house. Next y’ll be telling us that you’ve been to a party at Tina Marie’s house *wink*


Sorry folks; I removed the trailer by request. I’m told it’s an old one. A new one is coming soon, as well as other media and release information, so once I have everything, I’ll repost.


OH MY GOD!The great and glorious BLOWFLY!

(and the trailer doesn’t work anymore – bummer!)

Now it’s time for the late great Rudy Ray Moore to get an documentary of his own

Kunle Adekolo

Oh, I know about some Blowfly.

The first time I played her a sample of “Spread Your Cheeks”, my wife almost revoked my iTunes privileges.



Odd. And interesting.

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