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RECAP: ENTOURAGE, Season 8, Episode 2: “Out With a Bang”

RECAP: ENTOURAGE, Season 8, Episode 2: "Out With a Bang"

By Drew Grant, Matt Zoller Seitz
Press Play contributors

Editor’s note: Salon staff writers Matt Zoller Seitz and Drew Grant will be recapping the eighth and final season of Entourage as a team. Matt has been watching the HBO series regularly since it debuted; Drew is a newbie. Complications ensue.

Drew: So this episode starts off at a very expensive hotel where the gang is all living since their house burned down due to an errant joint, right?

Matt: Is that a hotel? I thought it was heaven.

Drew: Ha ha. Heaven doesn’t have Drama in an Ed Hardy shirt.

Matt: I like Drama insisting on the shirt’s heterosexual cred. If you have to insist that your shirt makes you look straight, there’s a problem.

Drew: It’s like insisting you are famous — another one of Drama’s personality quirks. But my first question is: If a famous movie star gets out of rehab and then his house burns down because of a pot-related accident, is there nobody — not the paparazzi, a parole officer, a sponsor — who would maybe try to take Vincent Chase away from these guys? No one who, at the very least, would point to the incident as a sign of a possible relapse?

Matt: Yeah, there would be fallout from that in real life. But this isn’t real life. It’s Entourage.

It goes back to what we were talking about last week. This show is hip to the way most young men — and older men with young men’s mentalities — fantasize. The messy, ugly parts get skipped. It sounds kind of strange to say, but in this sense Entourage is weirdly prim and conservative. It’ll show us tit implants and guys doing drugs, but the really, truly hardcore stuff — the moments where people really have to struggle with pain and doubt — that stuff, it goes out of its way to avoid. So in that sense the show is truly escapist, in a way that Sex and the City never was.

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Of course we know that E will eventually either convince Sloan to stay and they get together, or he will move to NY to be with her as Entourage’s way of channeling Disney kids movie endings, but I still find it so hard to watch the poor guy struggle! He just tries so hard and is so sincere with everything, yet you see when Sloan just wakes up and leaves how confused and unsure of himself he is…as evidenced by when he talks about it with the guys after he sleeps with her (watch at

…oh yeah gotta love the use of that Rootbeer song “Girlies” in that scene, that’s so catchy

Anyway, good episode, glad the show’s back and can’t wait to see how this season goes…

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