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Reeve Carney Lands Role Of Jeff Buckley In Jake Scott Directed Biopic

Reeve Carney Lands Role Of Jeff Buckley In Jake Scott Directed Biopic

Even though “‘Greetings From Tim Buckley” starts shooing this month with Penn Badgley and Imogen Poots leading the film, there are some differences between this project and previously announced Jake Scott directed Jeff Buckley biopic. ‘Greetings’ will take place entirely before Jeff became a star, centering around his 1991 performance at a tribute concert for this father (and thus, the rights for his music aren’t needed, nor have they been granted). Scott’s untitled film, on the other hand, is presenting a much more thorough look at the life of the singer, using David Browne‘s book “Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley” as a resource, with full and exclusive access to the Buckley archives. So even though they are competing films, the scope and focus between the two is quite different, and while word on Scott’s film had been quiet for a while, he’s now found his Jeff Buckley.

This afternoon, the filmmakers announced that Reeve Carney (of the band Carney) has landed the plum lead role in the forthcoming film. Carney certainly has the chops to pull off the musical aspects of the job, most notably playing Peter Parker in the infamously disastrous “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” on Broadway (the rest of his band plays in the pit orchestra) and his skills are legit; Carney opened for U2 and Arcade Fire on July 30th, the final date of the Irish band’s massive, two year world tour.

Ryan Jaffe (”The Rocker”) has penned the script, which will track the singer’s life from his start in New York City playing clubs around town to the release of his only album “Grace,” in 1994 and his tragic death in the spring of 1997 when he drowned while swimming in Wolf River Harbor, pulled under by the wake of a boat. Of course, the big question will be if Carney can only just replicate the tunes (we presume he’ll be personally performing the songs, not just lipsynching), but deal with the emotional core of the singer as well. But Scott is convinced, “We are excited to have found in Reeve the perfect combination of musical prodigy, impish charm, innate intelligence & sensitivity to play Jeff.”

Production on the film will roll in November with filming to take place in New York and Memphis. With three Jeff Buckley movies on the way (there is also an Aussie production titled “A Pure Drop” in the works), let’s hope at least one of them does the singer justice on the big screen.

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@Jordan and Susi

Susi may not be any of those people but regardless, the physical resemblance and Reeve Carney’s so-called “musical genius” that everyone is defending, including you Susi, doesn’t make him a good actor. I am one of the unfortunate who has seen him on Broadway and I’m disappointed with this casting decision. He can certainly sing, but it looks like he was only chosen because of a resemblance he shares when he does not wear make-up. I’m sure they could have found someone better if they weren’t racing to beat the other Buckley film. It’s a sad way to make a film in my opinion.


Susi, are you Reeve’s agent or publicist? No no, you must be Reeve. Try to be a little less obvious next time.


I’m really interested to see how this pans out. I do know that they made him do a HEAP of auditions and they certainly had their pick of actors so I’m assuming that he must have nailed it.

Apparently he learnt to play the piano before he could walk, he went to music school and majored in jazz guitar and has a good voice so that at least means the musical side of Jeff should be pretty well covered.

Also, I’ve seen other pics of this guy where he looks a lot less “pretty-boy emo rocker” and much more like Jeff. I certainly hope he has the acting chops to pull it off!!

As for his performance in Spiderman in relation to his acting skills – I’m not going to judge someone’s ability to act in a film of a serious nature by their ability (or lack thereof) to act in a comedy-drama theater show. It is a totally different medium, the skill set is different. Not all great film actors can transition to the stage effectively and not all stage actors can successfully transition into film. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


Spiderman is terrible. The only reason it might be rebounding now is because of all the negative publicity it got. Regardless, the play isn’t getting better thanks to this guy who was probably only chosen because he shares a loose resemblance to the character, not because of his ‘talent’.


I’m one of the unfortunate who saw Spiderman when I visited NY last month. Honestly, I only saw it because Book of Mormon has been sold out and my friend was adamant about seeing a Broadway show. This guy can sing but he cannot act. We walked out at intermission and didn’t look back. It’s a shame too because he really looks like a fem version of Jeff Buckley.


People also enjoy Glee and American Idol.
Fact: majorities sometimes enjoy shit.


Hey Jagernauth listen up you idiot…if the Spiderman show is in your words so “infamously disastrous” then why is it now either top 2 or 3 show on Broadway week after week after “Wicked” and sometimes beating “Lion King”?
Your statement about the show is a flat out lie.
Maybe jerks like you should admit the Spiderman jokes are all on you now…cause the show is now a success


So which guy in the above photo is Buckley? *end of joke*
No, he really looks the part.


Well, at least the films are being released in order of when I want to see them.

And while I’m not usually one to go for teen heartthrobs, I think I’d rather watch a guy who I know can command the streets of NYC over a guy who swings above them in spandex and eyeliner.

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