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Reeve Carney To Re-Record Jeff Buckley Songs For Upcoming Biopic By Jake Scott

Reeve Carney To Re-Record Jeff Buckley Songs For Upcoming Biopic By Jake Scott

Befriended Buckley’s Mother, Mary Guibert, For Years Before Being Asked To Audition

In terms of physical resemblance and musical abilities, the casting ofSpiderman: Turn Off The Dark” star Reeve Carney for Jake Scott‘s upcoming biopic of the late singer-songwriter is one that we’re open to. The young actor/musican now faces the challenge of tackling the role of the much-adored Buckley — told through the scope of David Browne‘s book “Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley” — with his task made only more difficult now with the young star revealing he’s also recording Buckley’s material for the film.

“I was thrilled to be involved in something that tells Jeff’s story and focus on his life, and also be in something that his mother is involved in,” Carney recently told Billlboard. “And being able to sing his songs…I love Jeff’s songs, so I was really happy to be a part of a film that showcases his music.”

“I think we’re all on the same page in wanting to make something that honors Jeff’s life and his legacy. There’s something about Jeff — there’s so much mystery surrounding his existence. He just had this… mystic quality, that’s similar to what James Dean had,” Carney added.

Carney also reveals that he had developed a friendship with Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert, after the two (seemingly randomly) met after a concert Carney performed at with his eponymous band. The two kept in touch for the two years leading up to him being called in to audition for the biopic of Buckley that Guibert was executive producing. “I went in for the film auditions multiple times over two months, and Mary called me and told me, ‘We’d like you to be our Jeff.’ It was a very meaningful moment for me, having his mother call me and say that to me.” Surely, he was always a sentimental favorite from the start?

As for the competing Jeff Buckley project which will see “Gossip Girl” star Penn Badgeley take on the role of the singer-songwriter? “I read both scripts,” Carney adds. “I don’t see them as competing at all. I think the only similarity between the two is the fact that the character’s named Jeff Buckley.”

Production on the project begins this fall with Carney hoping to return to Broadway for Julie Taymor’s web-slinging production straight after. Oh, and for the record, Carney’s favorite Buckley song is “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over.”

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No way anyone can sound like Jeff. Just can't be done. Everything is going to sound like a cheap imitation. No offense to this dude who's singing. He's got a fine voice. He just can't sing Jeff. But no one can.


GOT TOO EMOTIONAL OVER MY COMMENT A FEW MINS. AGO. THE REASON I MADE A COMMENT WAS TO ASK …"for God's sake why in the hell would they NOT use Jeff's music??? "The whole reason I would even go to this movie would be to hear the real Jeff music. No one could come remotely close to that VOICE, OR GUITAR! All who do not know of Jeff deserve to hear HIS music! INSANE,AND ABSURD. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THIS MOVIE WITHOUT JEFF SINGING AND PLAYING!!!! Remember the first time you heard HALLELUJAH???


I greatly antis this movie…and think Reeve could make me watch him PLAY Jeff Buckley. Like everyone else my heart STILL aches over Jeff's passing. DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN???


For those of us who may be big Buckley fans, it’s going to be nearly impossible for Carney to satisfy us musically. Buckley was a generational performer who as Jimmy Page put it, was perhaps the best singer in the last three decades, whereas Carney seems sort of one dimensional (voice-wise). That being said, we all have to be very glad that Robert Patterson or James Franco weren’t the choice. At least this kid can sing and play guitar all while resembling Jeff. Personally, I’d rather none of these films be made. We Buckley fans are more of an underground cult who are about to be forced into the mainstream.




I think it’s nonsense that people are getting lost in how much he physically resembles Jeff Buckley. He shouldn’t try nor should he mimic his voice. Jeff Buckley was an individual, no one can be like him. They should act their best to tell his story.


Actually anyone can license ‘Hallelujah’. His mother doesn’t control the rights to Leonard Cohen’s estate. As I’m sure she doesn’t control the rights to James Shelton’s estate either. This production will have to get a music supervisor and work just as hard. I’d be curious to see which songs exactly they are talking about.


People – regardless if Reeve Carney was passed by Greetings, there’s still this question about songs. Didn’t Jeff Buckley cover a lot of music? Does she really have rights to songs like ‘Lilac Wine’? And what about Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’? This all sounds like a desperate plea of competition that’s soiling his memory.


It could just be a rumor but I heard the one filming now went through a large casting so he could have tried out?


He read both scripts? I heard he auditioned for both. Does that mean Greetings passed on him?


These videos have convinced me that he lacks all of the masculinity Jeff Buckley had.


Carney’s got charm and talent, but there are only a handful of people that could ever sing the kind of range Buckley displayed in his music, Carney would need drastic improvement to do him justice. I have no problem with him portraying him, I just think it’s a mistake to try and have anyone mimic his singing.

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