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Remake Rights To 69 Akira Kurosawa Titles Ready To Be Pimped Out To Americans & Europeans

Remake Rights To 69 Akira Kurosawa Titles Ready To Be Pimped Out To Americans & Europeans

It’s too much madness to expound on in one post… From Variety:

Splendent Media has signed a multiyear deal to represent worldwide rights (outside Japan) to 69 titles from filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, including 19 screenplays that were never produced. Deal does not include the four Kurosawa-based projects already in various stages of development elsewhere, including the Weinstein Co.’s “Seven Samurai,” as well as “High and Low,” “Drunken Angel” and “Ikiru.” Available properties do include 26 directed by Kurosawa — “Rashomon,” “Ran,” “Yojimbo,” “Dreams” and “Kagemusha,” to name a few — plus 24 he wrote but did not direct and the 19 screenplays that never lensed. “In recent years, countless American and European filmmakers have expressed intense interest in remaking Kurosawa’s films,” Kato said. “To help streamline this process, we are extremely pleased to have found in Ms. Yamada a representative who possesses a deep passion for Kurosawa’s work as well as strong connections to both the Japanese and U.S. entertainment industries.”

Because there’s apparently nothing new under the sun, as remake/reimagine/reboot madness continues…

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Adam Scott Thompson

Only the greats get “pimped out.” Edgar Allan Poe died broke and with somebody else’s shoes on… and we’ve STILL got him turning tricks.


You know I’m into “reinterpretation of the text” like I hope they would do in Blade Runner and what they did with Battlestar Galatica. But I smell some “I’m so greedy-lets rape the isht of some classic-money grubbing mess.

BTW @Tamara –what you said.


This is completely wrong on so many levels. Why tarnish the works of Kurosawa’s films?


@Tamara, that ‘clip’ was funny:)
As for Hollywood’s star 69, it never seizes to amaze me, how much they are wholesale-whoresale Ghouls !, exhuming the blood,sweat & toiled of A.Kurosawa’s artistic soul,next it’ll might be Kenji Mizoghughi huh?.


How are they going to remake Dreams?


This is…..interesting.

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