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Ridley Scott Is Rebooting “Blade Runner” For Some Reason…

Ridley Scott Is Rebooting "Blade Runner" For Some Reason...

From Deadline:

After revisiting his classic Alien with the upcoming 3D Fox film Prometheus, Ridley Scott is committing to direct and produce a film that advances his other seminal and groundbreaking science fiction film. Scott has signed on to direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner. He’ll make the film with Alcon Entertainment, producing with Alcon partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. This would be the most high profile project for Alcon since The Blind Side. They got control of the franchise earlier this year, but it’s a whole different ballgame with Scott at the helm.

So… I guess we all should be all up in arms over this news, but, oddly, I’m not. News like this just doesn’t shock me anymore. So, no “stop raping my childhood Hollywood” comments from me, or “Dear Ridley Scott…” laments, or screams of “whhyyyy?” or “Nooooo.”

Nope. Nothing like that from me.

But don’t let that stop you though :)

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Blade Runner has been my favorite movie since its first release, even though I HATED the voice over. It gets better with every reworking. Visually, it is beyond compare. I hope he’ll use a talented unknown actor, I don’t want to be distracted, besides, thankfully, wasn’t Shia Lebouf handed the Raiders of the Lost Ark dying franchise, so we shouldn’t have to worry about Shia Lebouf being cast.


*final hi-jack*

@ Jug, I hope you see this. I think we might have seen different endings to SOURCE CODE.The concept can bring about many more tales, yes, but I think they might become redundant after awhile. I mean, it’s kinda like MINORITY REPORT, I think, so I don’t know ’bout that.

What I did like with SOURCE CODE and MINORITY and TIMELINE (which was terrible; book was better) was the notion of ‘time travel’ (quantum mechanics). It’s insane but good stuff and perfect scientific fodder for so many untold tales. Simmons also deals with ‘time travel’ throughout the saga. It’s ridiculously key to the plot. Also, the latter two books are the ones I think Cooper or whomever is attempting to write the script (maybe even Dan himself) would star with. Why? Because it’s mostly action and reads more like an action film. The second book has action and the first book is mostly background/setup but each book, I reckon could be a film. Still, in thinking of Bradley cast as one of the characters, he would definitely be “Paul Endymion”. He fits the profile perfectly, though he might need to beef up just a little bit.

Also this story much like LOTR and STAR WARS has a diverse cast; especially with those pilgrims in books 1 and 2.

Thanks again for the news. I’m geeked and ready. Dan Simmons has written some great work (and not just sci-fi stuff).


You’re very welcome Tamara! When I read this, I didn’t know anything about the series and read up on it (when I read about project I either would see or could star in, I look that shit up quick!). Definitely an awesome idea. Would be some universe building like LOTR or STAR TREK.

I just watched SOURCE CODE and really liked it, but hated the changed ending because it was changed to make it franchise ready. Not everything needs to be a franchise…set out to do a good movie & then make more after. But the idea of the Hyperion universe…yeah there’s too much for one movie. It’s franchise all day long.


Why not just “remake” his failed fantasia- LEGEND- minus Tom Cruise.


I like the idea of remakes. Not to sound fancy schmanzy, but it is a “reinterpretation of the text”. And I always love it’s potential. People did an astounding job with “Battlestar Galactica” I know it’s not a film, but a tv series.



@ Jug, holy crikey! THANK YOU! I hadn’t bothered to do any research lately on the haps with the story. Bradley Cooper though? BRADLEY COOPER!?!?! *racks brain* I can only see him as “Paul Endymion” who doesn’t show until the third book. He wants to direct it? Oh holy tailspin! What the what! I need to get in contact with him. I need to be IN on this somehow. LOL. Thank you again for the link. Much appreciated. If done right, this could be the beginning of a great franchise/saga…but Bradley is too young to be anyone but Paul. I’d love to cast the pilgrims… Thanks again :-)



Ridley would be perfect for Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos, just based on Bladerunner (both narrated and unnarrated versions) alone. There’s a seething, dark quiet to Simmons’ narrative throughout but moreso in the first two installments. And I can say at least one aspect (one tale/sub-plot) could be (should be) depicted in noire-style. If you are not familiar with the book I’m speaking of, please, at your leisure and if you like (sci-fi/near-future/saga-esque) narratives, try the first book…then be hooked.

I think I read years back where the rights/or interest in Simmons’ work had been noted/optioned. But nothing has come of it. I have read the saga a number of times (4 books) and I tell you if ever there was a story (among many) that could be equally served (in the right hands, of course) on screen as it is in text form, it is Hyperion and its subsequent installments. I would even settle for a mini-series… just SOMETHING because it is an amazing, amazing, amazing work…and has a diverse cast of characters :-P and one of the best ‘villains’ in recent print history (my words). The Shrike


@Visitor-Exactly! But since it’s recorded, we take assume that that’s it, the way it is was MEANT to be done. Period. End of story. But not so with live events. We expect it to be different, and are offended when it’s the same. Even if you see the same show seen night after night, you want to see differences.

And if we see it with different casts/directors, different staging, we relish the new “take” on the same material. But we don’t relish that in film. Matter of fact, we loathe it and assault if from the standpoint that it WILL be the same and have NO differences. Is that because of past track records with remakes or is it a failing of the psychology of film?

This is all just an academic thing, no deep meaning LOL


{{{ On a side note, I find it always funny that we hate remakes so much (myself included) but we see plays all the time, often the same play in different theatres with different actors/crews & enjoy them. I wonder, “What’s the difference?” }}}

My take is that movies can always be revisited because they are recorded. You have easy access to view them again. Why make a new version of Citizen Kane when the original one is just at your fingertips?

But if I see a theater production of “Romeo and Juliet” and ten years later I want to see the play again, my only choice is to see a production with an entirely different cast and an entirely different director and entirely different sets.


@ Jug Said “I’m apprehensive because LOVING BLADE RUNNER, I’m not sure where the film would go now. Not that it can’t “go” anywhere storywise, but more to the point will it be creatively engaging, or will it bow to “what the masses want (fuck 3D!)? I wouldn’t want a poor product to sully the brand ya know.”

And that’s my concern with this. I can’t help but be feel like, given the current remake/sequel/prequel/reboot/reimagning climate craze, this is just yet another attempt to cash in on a cult franchise; be damned with the desire to actually create something really fresh, interesting and engaging.

Just leave it alone; there are so many other effing tales to tell, books that could be adapted (in the same genre if he likes). It just smells to me. And you can almost guarantee that whatever it is will be in 3D.

But if I’m certainly willing to be proven wrong! :)


This should have been done long ago. Of course, he could bring in Ford and Young and do a sequel in the same way as was Indiana Jones/Crystal Skull. I feared for that but was pleased with the way it ended.

I hate prequels because it just acknowledges a mistake in the storyline to begin with. I am hoping for a sequel, Ford and Young… who have already earned the audience.


On a side note, I find it always funny that we hate remakes so much (myself included) but we see plays all the time, often the same play in different theatres with different actors/crews & enjoy them. I wonder, “What’s the difference?”

I came to the conclusion that since film is a visual medium, scripts are written to be “seen” not “heard”, we can’t get past something looking different & still being the same thing (like your kid getting a mohawk still being your kid LOL). But a play or a concert is so much about the spoken word, the sound, that we go to hear it differently & enjoy it in the moment, or maybe the fact that it’s live & a fleeting, finite thing we expect it we cherish it. But something “cemented” on film we take to be THE definitive narrative, THE definitive piece of Art like a painting or a sculpture.

Anyone else have this battle in them…or am I just playing with myself? LOL


I’m happy & apprehensive for a number of reasons. First, Broderick Johnson is a brother & his “upstart” company, along with Kosgrove, have made a BIG splash in the studio world, primarily because they are prod. company that is churning out hit/money making films as well as Oscar stuff (for however you feel, BLIND SIDE did get Academy attention). They are well on their way to becoming a mini-major like Relativity or Summit, just with better taste. Happy as hell for ’em!

Secondly, I’m apprehensive because LOVING BLADE RUNNER, I’m not sure where the film would go now. Not that it can’t “go” anywhere storywise, but more to the point will it be creatively engaging, or will it bow to “what the masses want (fuck 3D!)? I wouldn’t want a poor product to sully the brand ya know (like all the goddamn director’s cuts, Ridley needed to make up his mind! LOL)

But I am definitely interested & hopeful!


@Tamara-You took the words out of my mouth :-D

Andre Seewood

It’s not that BLADERUNNER was not that great of a movie, it’s just that Ridley Scott couldn’t settle on a definitive version of the film. The theatrical release cut (1982) has the Deckard voice-over which Scott hated, but I felt the film needed a voice-over to pull its visuals together into a coherent narrative. The director’s cut, removes the voice-over and adds some very low grade special effects which ruins the film by destroying its pacing and distracting from the story. The main difficultly with a re-shoot or a continuation of the story in my humble opinion is going to be the screenplay and whether or not the writers are going to be willing and able to draw from the rich source material of Phillip K. Dick whose prose cannot fail you only your willing to let it be. Also whether or not, Scott will allow a voice-over which linked the original 1982 release to the Film Noir genre and pulled the visuals into a coherent story. Finally, there’s the music. Vangelis scored the original film and there’s never been a score like it since. Who else buy Vangelis should be allowed to score the continuation? I have only written so much on this because just last Sunday I was wondering if they were going to ever try and remake this film… I guess I got my answer.


“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die. “

other song

I might be the lone voice of dissent here, but Bladerunner aint that great of a movie. GASP.

It’s definitely an influential, groundbreaking work. But I’d argue that’s because of the world (set design, effects) it creates as opposed to characters and plotline. There are large stretches of this film that are straight up languid. Ford is eating food or chilling, not doing a whole lot.

and by now, everything that is great about Bladerunner has already been copied and done better in other films. So I don’t see the point of the reboot.

What territory is it going to explore that we haven’t seen before?


It’s not a remake….a continuation of sorts—at least that’s what I think I just read? So in that respect, no lamentations will pour forth from me.

I am interested in seeing what he comes up with and who will be cast. I loved Blade Runner. If it wasn’t for Philip K. Dick… *shakes head* and Asimov and Crichton, this genre of sci-fi would pool even less ‘great’ works. And yup I’m shole being generous with the Crichton adaptations sans the Jurassic franchise… *wink* Enough with the hijacking, Tamara!

To end, Mr. Scott, please…do…BRING IT…whatever IT may be.


Shia Lebouf!

Questions & Answers PLEASE?!?!!!

Sooooooooooooooo who will be the “new” Harrison Ford?

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