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Robert Pattinson Seduces A Bunch Of Women In New ‘Bel Ami’ Pics

Robert Pattinson Seduces A Bunch Of Women In New 'Bel Ami' Pics

While his girlfriend and fellow “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart is transitioning one out of one franchise, straight into another (“Snow White and the Huntsman“), Robert Pattinson seems keen to establish himself as An Actor. While the drippy, manipulative “Remember Me” was a miss, Pattinson proved himself a non-vampire draw with “Water For Elephants” earlier this year which powered itself to a strong $115 million worldwide. And with David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis” and the period pic “Bel Ami” on the way, he seems eager to shake off the adolescent stink of “Twilight.” While we have to wait and see how successful that attempt is, as these new pics from the latter film show, he’s going to be turning up the heat in the process.

Based on the book by Guy de Maupassant and featuring Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci, “Bel Ami” will find Pattinson playing George Duroy, a sexy social climber in turn-of-the-century 1890s Paris, who seduces his way to wealth and fame from a poor beginning. Thurman will play the wife of one of Duroy’s friends who eventually marries Pattinson’s seductive schemer. Kristin Scott Thomas will appear as a woman who overestimates Duroy’s attachment to her. These pics show Pattinson easily proving his manhood with the female leads, but whether the film is a winner or not, we won’t know for a while yet.

From what we hear, the producers are aiming for a Berlin Film Festival premiere in 2012 and it might be a while later before it hits theaters as the film is still without a distributor. So stay strong RPatz lovers and let these pics tide you over for now. [via Movieline]

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Also disagree on Remember Me being a ‘miss’; it was one of the better films of 2010.


Poor people.And poor Mr. Pattinson. Thanks for the reply.


Yeah, they are pretty much always this pathological and psychotic


R・.Pattinson came to my country to promote film a couple of years ago.He seems nice and normal.But …Are Twilight fans always like this? Or these people are just parodying Twilight fans?


Dana, that’s really not the point. I’m no twilight loon, but Kevin started his piece in this way: ‘while Stewart is going from one franchise to the next, pattinson seems keen to establish himself as an actor.’ First, his entire premise is shaky. The film hasn’t released yet, why is he so sure this is a franchise and that Stewart is on board even if it turns out to be. Secondly, since when does doing a franchise negate acting cred? Robert Downey Jr, Christian bale and Johnny depp might disagree with you. Third, if youre going to snidely imply one twilight actor is NOT ‘keen to establish themself as an actor’ due to acting in a film that the author feels could possibly be another franchise – then at least explain this rather odd point of view. How does a franchise invalidate someone as an “actor?” does he really think an actress who does enumerable indies and has a reputation for solid serious work is not keen to establish herself as an actor? Really? Why ignore the fact that she has made numerous indies, before, during and after Twilight?
Sure, the loons have gone a bit batsh*t at what they perceive to be a diss, but even the lay person can pick up on the inexplicable snideness and snark directed toward’s Pattinson’s girlfriend.


What a mess in here. Stewart IS moving from one franchise to another. Deal. I really doubt she’s playing Snow White because it’s such a fascinating character study for her.


Both Rob and Kristen prefer Indie movies. I remember Rob saying in an interview that he would do everything to make art house movies more popular. But they have to be realistic: for their economic value they need to do a big production from time to time in between the indie movies. They are both very talented IMO and very down to earth, no attention seekers. That’s why they have such a big fandom from all ages and I agree that a small part of the fans are quite immature and lunatic.
I disagree about Remember me: it was well received in Europe, the ending wasn’t criticized as it was in America. The DVD sold well and the reviews of non Rob fans were great in general. Budget: 16 million, BO almost 56 million, so not a flop. But American reviewers were very narrow minded. I hope they both do well, trying to be good actors in the first place, not movie stars. Sorry for mistakes, English isn’t my native language.


I thought they didn’t make films unless they already had distributors on board?

And I’m with you Roxy, the last thing I want to see when I go to a movie is Rob’s butt crack in bed with 4 to 6 different women. Personally I don’t know how someone could do it in the first place and second I feel so sorry for Kristen. She is one Hell-of-a strong woman to be able not to go psycho when he takes roles like that knowing that he’s going to be in half naked, in bed “making love” to his co-stars all day long. I don’t think I could handle it if it was my boyfriend. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not dating a well known actor.


@Mark, that’s what i don’t understand. Kevin didn’t take a swipe at Kristen. lmao, some of her fans need to calm down. It’s going to be ok.


@Oliver Lyttelton, bingo. I think this is why people think twilight fans are messed up in the head.


How dare you state a undeniable fact like that Kristen Stewart has finished one franchise and that her very next project is another (hopeful) franchise?! These page long rants will learn you to actually write factually about what an actress is currently working on.

Oliver Lyttelton

I mean this with all the love in the world, but you people are fucking lunatics.


tI love how Kevin dismisses the 20 some-odd Indie films Kristen has done besides the Twilight saga. Into the Wild? Sean Penn created a role for her for God’s sake. I love how much it highlights his ignorance and gives me a reason to no longer care about what he says about film. Pity.


They won’t say what they realy DON’T like about Kristen and that is the fact that she is his true companion in every sense of the word, she can match Rob 100% in his looks, his charm, and his talent. If it hadn’t been for Kristen Stewart demanding Rob get the role as Edward Cullen you wouldn’t have Robert Pattinson to gloat over in this article. She had the backbone to stand up for him when most of Hollywood would have turned their back on him. Together they have worked to get the Indy films out there

Totally agree with this part you wrote Sue, sorry for correcting a couple typos…. Some people have a closet full of green. I personally don’t see the need for some to always put the two up against each other. Why? They are obviously a couple, they both love the Indy films, so why feel the need to sing ones praises more than the other. Once again it comes back to what many have said is a jealousy of Kristen and the fact that she is with Rob in every sense of the word and like Sue said they’ll use articles such as this one to hide and post negative stuff about Kristen. Shame on you Kevin Jagernauth and the others like you who feel the need to make light of Kristen.


Before you quit Kevin, do you mind sharing WHY you would get a weird dig in, at an actor known for practically living eating and breathing independent films for most of her life? Were you unaware of this? Why imply this very serious actress, isn’t? It does seem odd. Quit worrying about your new nickname and answer the gist of the gripe.
This blog is turning into Hollywood life.




While his girlfriend and fellow “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart is transitioning one out of one franchise, straight into another (”Snow White and the Huntsman”), Robert Pattinson seems keen to establish himself as An Actor.

WTF….you may not have meant for your words to come across as they did but unfortunately you have totally pissed the Kristen fanbase off. How dare you make light of Kristen’s Indy acting. No one has worked harder to establish herself as an actress by starring in Indy films. She is constantly knocked down by jealous ignorant people both male and female who could care less about their acting abilities but will hide behind it by not telling what they really like about Mr. Robert Pattinson and that is his looks and charm. They won’t say what they realy DON’Tt like about Kristen and that is the fact that she is his true companion in every sense of the word, she cam match Rob 100% in his looks, his charm, and his talent. If it hadn’t been for Kristen Stewart demanding Rob get the role as Edward Cullen you wouldn’t have Robert Pattinson to gloat over in this article. She had the backbone to stand up for him when most of Hollywood would have turned their back on him. Together they have worked to get the Indy films out there, their names are what is carrying that industry along with a few more so you need to rethink the wording of future articles you write when it comes to Kristen Stewart. Without actors and actresses with both of their talents, you wouldn’t have a need to even write an Indy article.

There is no greater fan of Kristen than Rob…He has stood by her praising her all the way. He has said on more than one occasion that “She is the greatest actress of our generation.” Then he went on to say that he still thinks she is the best. So she may be doing a big movie right now but do not forget that her real love is “Indy Films”

Kevin Jagernauth




This is an odd article. Why would a guy that blogs on an indie film board, take a swipe at a young actress whose been making indies for more than half of her life, and done several in the midst of her mega franchise. Doesn’t this snarky little Kevin Jackoff-nauth guy know this stuff? Or is he new to the Indie film world? Stewart was known as a young indie princess before Twilight – and staying true to form, she’s done at least 4 or 5 high and low profile indie turns throughout the entire Twilight run that have earned her critical acclaim, like The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys, The Yellow Handkerchief, Adventureland, the upcoming On the Road, etc., as several posters have pointed out. Yet this Kevin dude makes it seem like her beau Pattinson in comparison to Stewart is a more serious indie ‘ACTORRR,’ while Kristen is going for the franchises. Excuse me, but wtf – where’s THAT coming from? It’s bad enough this kid gets slammed by all the female hater freaks obsessing over her boyfriend, but now she gets kicked in the head by catty male bloggers who are coveting him as well?
Dear indiewire, if you’d like to hire someone who knows something about indie film, and indie film actors to blog for you – feel free to contact me. I’m all about the films and performances and won’t lapse into Perez Hilton-ish snark. Email me. Thanks.


And all of them bombed.


kristen stewart ‘s indie movies :The Runaways, Adventureland, Welcome to The Rileys, The Yellow Handkerchief etc etc


I thought his name was Ron Pattinson


thanks for having a point of view be it sarcastic or otherwise because it makes reading the playlist SO much more enjoyable than some of the other bigger film blogs.

and looking forward to seeing rob looking sweaty and bloated on the big screen! awesome pics.


I am a movie person , so it always puzzle me when movie blogs specially these days , when any 10yr old can get one . I’m all for people with opinions but i noticed that all bloggers are not really giving an opinion on the movies themselves but they enjoy slamming the actors on a personal level specially the young actors of today. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson specifically , before the twilight saga they were promising actors but suddenly they have become the worst of the bunch.I have seen both films by pattinson and i liked them both . Not every movie made should be as successful as the Pottter or LOTR franchises but they were both successful as they were profitable to the studios and actors alike , they didn’t bomb like bloggers claimed Remember Me double it’s take and WFE more than double it’s money so i failed to see the problem . All i see now is a total disrespect for both actors ,and it is quite unfair . Imagine if the industry actually listen to the internet idiots , the movie industry would collapse for sure . The movie blogs are no longer about movies but about gossip and personal attacks and that my friend totally cheapens the experience of reading about films on the internet . If everyone believed all these silly rants and gossip actors like Pitt /Clooney /Roberts and on would not grace the screens and we as moviegoers wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy their work… I personally can’t wait to see what Pattinson and Stewart bring to the screens in the near future..

Juan Counago

Not the biggest R-Pattz fan, but I’ve got nothing but respect for the choices he’s making in trying to move past the ‘heartthrob’ stage of his career.

I quite enjoyed Remember Me, haven’t seen his latest with the fantastic Christoph Waltz, but will be seeing Cosmopolis, I actually can’t wait for that. Trippy novel that if adapted correctly by Cronenberg could become a cult classic movie.


Weird that I kind of want to see this just to see him act with his own accent?

And Sam please, tons of shit that no one cares about plays at TIFF every year. If they aren’t showing there, it’s more likely because it’s not ready/release date has been pushed back.


@ lame cheap-shot Kevin, i don’t understand how that was a shot at kristen stewart? it wasn’t anything mean. anyway, i’m not the biggest rob pattinson fan, but i am looking foward to of his movies. bel-ami is one of my all time favorite books, and david cronenberg is one of my all time favorite directors.

Edward Davis

How is that a jab? Moronic.


oh come on @Morgan, BA was pulled from tiff because it got into berlin? Movies can go to many festivals, not just one. BA is not at tiff because nobody is interested in it. The film has no buzz outside the RP fandom. #truestory

lame cheap-shot Kevin

The article is supposed to be about PATTINSON but Kevin Jagernauth never misses a chance to take a cheap shot at Kristen Stewart.

That first line of this article is the reason why I am not surprised why many have opted to avoid playlist articles and stick to Deadline and or Variety as their main source.


I disagree that “Remember Me” was a miss. If a “miss” means it didn’t make hundreds of millions/billion+ like Harry Potter – ok; however, to those of us who saw it in the theatres and bought the DVD it was a complete “success”. Being a New Yorker, it touched a part of me that allowed me to release some hard, personal and painful memories of 9/11. This film highlights one young man’s life who was affected by 9/11. It helps with the healing esp. with the 10 year anniversary coming up and all the reborn harsh memories. Regarding Bel Ami, more power to Mr. Pattinson if he is offered the role of a good looking seducer at this short stage of his life.


Distribution in North America is still up for grabs but it’s been sold pretty much everywhere else in the world so I think it will shake out ok. Talk from TIFF was that it had been accepted and then it was pulled it at the last minute because BA got into Berlin. I think for this type of film, Berlin would suit it best so that may be a good thing.

Who knows if it’s any good in terms of a movie but those photos are pretty.


Can´t wait for this film !


oh look Robert Pattinson in a role where he only f*cks women, isn’t his character in Cosmopolis manwhore too? It would be nice too see him in a role where he has to do something other than f*ck women.


Is there any guy HOTTER than Mr. Pattinson right now…..every woman will watch that seductive Man ..and they can not find a distributer for that Movie but they find one for all the s$it they show on the Big Screen..WTF

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