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Russell Brand Offered Male Lead In Diablo Cody’s Directorial Debut ‘Lamb Of God’

Russell Brand Offered Male Lead In Diablo Cody's Directorial Debut 'Lamb Of God'

‘Rock Of Ages’ Co-Star Julianne Hough A Contender For Lead

The screen career of Russell Brand has been an interesting thing to follow so far. The stand-up comedian broke out as a highlight of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and spun off the same character to a lesser, but still fair degree of success in “Get Him To The Greek” (and showed some impressive dramatic chops in places), but the last year has displayed some mixed success: “Hop” was a huge hit, although Brand never appeared on screen, while “The Tempest” and, more importantly, “Arthur,” were both awful, and both flops.

Unbowed, he’s keen to show he’s no one-trick-pony, with a big role alongside Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin in next year’s musical “Rock of Ages,” and now he’s said to be circling a film that marks the directorial debut of an Oscar-winner, one that will give him an opportunity to spread his wings and attempt to show some range — Twitch report that Brand has now been offered a role in “Lamb of God,” the new film from “Juno” writer Diablo Cody.

The plot involves a young Christian girl, the titular Lamb, who survives a plane crash, but is left with horrific burns. With her faith gone, she travels to Las Vegas in order to experience the more sinful side of life, and befriends Loray, an African-American craps dealer, and William, a bartender — the latter being the part that Brand’s been offered. As for the part of Lamb, we’d assumed it had been written for Ellen Page, but apparently Brand’s rock-of-ages co-star Julianne Hough, who’s also the lead in the new “Footloose,” is leading the pack, which makes sense, as she embodies a certain kind of Midwestern innocence.

Cody attracts a disproportionate amount of hate, mainly from assholes and misogynists, but her work goes way beyond “Juno” — “Young Adult,” which will reunite her with director Jason Reitman, is a darker, more mature work than anything she’s done before, and “Lamb of God” is another good ‘un; a little slight, perhaps, but well-drawn and even-handed in its depiction of faith. Should Brand sign on, it’ll be his biggest challenge to date, and we’re interested to see how it’ll turn out. Mandate Pictures are backing the film, and while there’s no firm word on when filming will get underway, it’s on the fast track, and with Cody calling it on her blog “a nice Christmas story,” we’d expect to see it in theaters in December 2012.

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Also, I wish Russel Brand would go back to England.


I agree with astralgirl01, the dialogue in a diablo cody movie makes me want to kill myself.


I’m a woman and pretty normal (if I say so myself), and I can’t stand Diablo Cody.

First off, she re-named herself Diablo Cody? Major douchette points.

Second, she writes as if she’s on Hipsterspeak 24/7. The first 15 minutes of Juno were EXCRUCIATING.

Third, her movie projects are all sappy, one-note, and borderline infantile. Juno was cute, but my teeth hurt for days afterwards.

So I’m not too excited for this upcoming project, sorry.


cody is horrible. oh so horrible.


In my experience (meaning real life, face-to-face communication – not internet talkback) the real die hard Cody haters are assholes and misogynists. It’s true. Everybody I’ve ever met who speaks candidly about hating her guts can be classified as an asshole and/or a misogynist. I have noted that. For some reason dudes (and especially dude writers – or dudes who call themselves writers – or dudes who want to be writers) REALLY hate her.


Cody’s talent is on par with most of the big name male writers so there is no reason she should be getting more grief than them. Most male writers are overvalued and over-praised too, but rarely does the mob get worked up over them.

IMO Writing at all levels, TV and movie seems abysmal these days. It’s like everybody is turning in their rough draft and that is what is being shot.


Hopefully next year can sound the death knell for both their movie careers.

Cody deserves maximum hate for the smug turd that was Jennifer’s Body.

Brand deserves it for being… well… himself.

star jonestown

Diablo Cody is irritating b/c she was a cheesy media sensation.

She’s an over-writer and a self-promoter and disliking her is appropriate. She is tacky and overvalued by the powers that be.

Adolf Hitler

I dunno what you guys are talking about; I think they’re both awesome.


wait, so if I hate don’t like Juno and Jennifer’s Body, I’m an “asshole and a misogynist?”

what the hell?


Brand’s eulogy for Amy Winehouse was the funniest thing he’s ever been involved in.


Wow. Cody and Brand. This may be the most annoying film of all time!

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