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Ryan Gosling Goes Pin-Up In New Poster For ‘Drive’

Ryan Gosling Goes Pin-Up In New Poster For 'Drive'

Plus One-Sheets For ‘Like Crazy’ And ‘The Three Musketeers

We’re excited about “Drive” for many reasons: director Nicolas Winding Refn, the killer supporting cast, the badass trailer and the rave reviews. But FilmDistrict has quite sensibly put their biggest asset front and center of the domestic one-sheet: Ryan Gosling. We’ve tried to maintain our journalistic independence, but in the face of R-Gos’s big blue eyes, we just turn to jelly, which is why the backs of our notebooks are full of drawings of our future wedding and attempts to practice our signature with his surname.

The Playlist will be turning into a Tumblr of Gosling images with hearts drawn on them in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, you can check out the stylish poster for “Drive” below, complete with garish neon retro font and the driver’s omnipresent toothpick. Swoon. The film hits theaters on September 16th.

In other poster news, the trailer for Sundance hit “Like Crazy arrived yesterday and, what it lacks in rippling Gosmeister torso, it makes up for with young rising stars Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin, and a bit of J.J. Abrams-approved lens flare. The plus point on top of that is that, as it’s a poster, there’s no barely-audible dialogue to not hear! It will begin its award-chasing roll-out on October 28th.

Finally, a Korean poster for Paul W.S. Anderson‘s “The Three Musketeers” has debuted, and not only does it not have our favorite ex-Mouseketeer on it, it doesn’t feature a single cast member. Instead, it focuses on a battle between the somewhat baffling flying boats featured so heavily in the trailers so far. Plus, it’s given us the impetus to finish our screenplay, “Ryan Gosling Applies Tanning Lotion On A Boat In The Sky For 95 Minutes.” You’ll be able to avoid “The Three Musketeers” in theaters from October 21st. [Recent Movie Posters, Coming Soon]

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Wow, that poster for 3 Musketeers really captured the flying ship shootout from the book perfectly. It’s exactly how I pictured it.


I feel like “Drive” is going to blow it on the cheese-y marketing.

The ’80’s salmon pink logo (which as scrawled 80’s logos go, looks super cheap and lazy) and the very boring digital mo cap looking picture of Gosling just look phoned in. And the only trailer out there at the moment is just all over the place.

I get what they are going for, but if they really want to reference the ’80’s, perhaps they should use Bruckheimer’s early movies as a marketing template. Because even 30 years later, the posters for “Thief”, “Cat People”, “American Gigolo”, “Flashdance” or “Thief of Hearts” are all vastly superior to the Vestron home video cover that “Drive” is using as a poster.


>[i]Finally, a Japanese poster for Paul W.S. Anderson‘s “The Three Musketeers” has debuted[/i]

Actually it’s not Japanese poster(I’m from Japan)…It has Hangul letters,so I think it’s South Korean poster.


Why do I believe that is not the final one-sheet but just a character poster for a series instead?


What Benjamin Wright said.

Benjamin Wright

I was really hoping that the “Drive” poster would be the same as the one on the soundtrack. Would’ve bought it in a heartbeat.

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