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Say what??? OWN To Premiere A Black Show On The Network

Say what??? OWN To Premiere A Black Show On The Network

Things must be really desperate at the Oprah Winfrey Network. In a last ditch effort to get viewers, OWN has been forced to create a black show for the network (and NO The Gayle King Show and the The Best of the Gayle King Show don’t count). I’m refering to their new reality show Sweetie Pie’s. I guess that reality show with The Judds wasn’t quite making it.

The focus of the show is the legendary St. Louis soul food restaurant started by Robbie Montgomery, a former back up singer for Ike and Tina Turner, who founded and still runs the restaurant with her family; it’ll focus on her joy and struggles running her establishment, and dealing with her family as well.

The show preimieres Saturday, October 15th at 9/8c.

Watch the trailer HERE

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Despite my _______ for The Almighty O, I’ll check it out because I LOVE Robbie Montgomery!

Miles Ellison

Another reality show. Yay.


LOL! Not hatin’ on the Neely’s. I just wish I could watch them more w/o taking insulin.


This is a good look for OWN


New programming is definitely what OWN needs. They definitely have some interesting stuff on there already though.

And I’m with Misha, the Neely’s are so cute! Don’t hate on them now. :-)


Yes, cuz all the huge budget Black projects Oprah has supported don’t count. I’ve always said if O had to count on Black people to succeed she would have never made it.

Anyway this looks interesting; I am working on something very similiar in my hometown, we sure don’t have O money though but who does.


*Looks at title of the post* Yep, Sergio is the author. :P


FINALLLY! A show I can get into on OWN! I honestly have yet to watch any programming on OWN…just haven’t been intrigued enough by the selection. But I’ll definitely check this out.

JMAC, I like the Neely’s. :D


This looks great and isn’t a smoochie smoochie Neely type show. I’d watch it.

Actually some programs on own have majority blacks in them – the documentaries. Of course, they don’t say that. A few days ago, I caught the one about the Cook County prostitution program where former prostitutes rehabilitate current ones. Really good and despite the subject matter you end up feeling very proud of those women.

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