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Seriously, Is New Black Latino Spiderman Getting Live-Action Movie Treatment? Marvel Exec Speaks

Seriously, Is New Black Latino Spiderman Getting Live-Action Movie Treatment? Marvel Exec Speaks

Yesterday’s news, which Jasmin posted here, announcing that Marvel Comics is introducing a new Spider-Man, who happens to be a blacktino (I didn’t coin the term by the way) teen named Miles Morales, shook the web, with fanboys and girls jeering the, uhh, colorful switch.

In Jasmin’s post, she asked the inevitable question that I’m sure was on many minds: will this new Spidey get the big screen film treatment?

No official word on that yet; however, as I listened to the below video clip, featuring Marvel Comics executive Axel Alonso, chatting with host Chris Wragge during this morning’s episode of CBS’ The Early Show, at the tail end of the clip, unless my ears need to be cleaned out and unclogged, I believe he does tell Chris that “the plans for the movie are well underway.

Or is this already public info, and I’m just late in announcing it?

Anyway, have a listen for yourselves and tell me what you hear:

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Spider-man is still white. If you buy any issue of Amazing Spider-man, it’s Peter Parker and will be for the foreseeable future. AND he’s Peter in the upcoming film AND cartoon.


i agree with mike spiderman is white and should stay white this is bull shit


All I saw was Helen Mirren being ogled in that clip.
Um, people, why would plans be well underway for Amazing Spider-man when its already started filming and has a trailer?

Speculation time! Was Ultimate Peter Parker killed so that Marvel films can have a Spider-man of their own? From the suit to the guy under the mask, he is a new character. He just happens to use the name Spider-man


Thank goodness for Obama! In a CNN interview Marvel say’s Obama’s campaign and win had to do with why they had the guts to go ahead with this.
Watch it if you can….Wrong on so many levels and obviously uncomfortable for the reporter who doesn’t know what to call the “multicultural superhero”….a “teenager” a “black teenager” …. oh my help me what is this thing…lol!(ad-libed there):

Let’s hope when times come to cast they don’t just go with an ethnically ambiguous caucasian (like in the case of Airbender, HungerGames, etc)

other song

could honestly care less about this. I’m interested in unique stories featuring Black and Hispanic characters (and other minorities), not just some recycled garbage.

new people + new stories told well = mindblowing cinema, respect and cashflow


Maybe they meant a live action one for this guy on tv.

I’m sure NBC would make sure Syfy (owned by NBC) would air it.

And who is to say that won’t do 2 at once? There have been films that were done at the same time wasn’t Back 2 teh Future 2 & 3 done that way?

If Amazing Spider-Man flops or doesn’t make at least the same as the last 3. We mgiht see this one pop up in 2013.

P.D. Clark

Yeah. He’s mos likely talking about the Amazing Spider Man flick in 2012. I hardly think we need that one–with the brooding skater Peter Parker. So while I’m glad to have this alternate dimension Ultimate multi-racial webhead, sure don’t want to see a third Spider Man movie franchise till at least another decade.


I think he’s saying that the new movie, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, is well under-way, but comics can be influential so we could see something from this new version in the future.

Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man. They won’t make two Spider-Man movies at once.


“The plans for the movie were well underway.”

He’s talking about the Andrew Garfield “Amazing Spider-Man” coming summer 2012.

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