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Shaquille O’Neal Graduating From New York Film Academy; Wants To be A Director

Shaquille O'Neal Graduating From New York Film Academy; Wants To be A Director

Ok, so back in June, his eminence Shaquille O’Neal shared with the world his retirement from the NBA, and his plans to conquer Hollywood next!

But rest your fears of sequels to Kazaam, or Steel, because the man is apparently much less interested in acting, and instead wants to direct. He reportedly is about to graduate from New York Film Academy’s Filmmaking Conservatory (NYFA) where he’s been receiving private instruction in directing and cinematography. He’s already shot some material on the Universal Studios back lot, done with classmates from New York Film Academy’s hands-on filmmaking program.

Ok, so it’s the NYFA, not NYU. No offense to NYFA students or grads; I didn’t attend either, but amongst film schoolers, the NYFA isn’t exactly highly-regarded, especially when compared to its costs. Not my POV, so don’t jump all over me.

Regardless, Shaq is graduating from there.

On the NYFA’s school blog, Shaq is praised by staff and fellow students who say that he has been “incredibly humble, funny, and likable and that it has been a thrill having him study with the academy.

Why act when you can direct, right?” Shaq said while on the set of his graduating student film (image above of him giving directions).

It’s easy to find humor in all of this, but I’d say he certainly appears to be taking this all very seriously, so we’ll see what develops over time. He’s got the name, and definitely the money to do with as he pleases…

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Its kinda bull I attend now in the acting program. Not worth the loot completely however comparatively they are still a young school compared to NYU. Nyfa is only 14 years old, still getting its foot. New ownership is needed, maybe by someone that is in the business.


Hope he’s a better director than rapper…


What amuses me is how some people see Shaq as Tyler’s threat, as if there aren’t any up and comers like Dee Rees who won’t be giving Tyler a run for his money? Smdh.


Neeever forget

Just kiddin’


lmao @ Jug


I’m trippin’ that his slippers look like doggie beds


Oh shit, watch out, Tyler Perry. :)


I’ve been reading on the internet that NYFA is a crock of bull. It is a scam school. I’ve also read that they do a lot of name dropping to bring in students.

Is it a publicity stunt for the school?


Shaq-diesel-dee heir-apparent toCecil B.Demille of Cinema?, somehow that leaves a unannounce “Fart” in the editing room:)


Go, Shaq. Go!

Dankwa Brooks

Trade school.


This day just gets better by the minute…*smiles* Who knows, he might give Tyler Perry a run for his money!

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