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Sugar Ray Leonard – The Man Behind “Real Steel”

Sugar Ray Leonard - The Man Behind "Real Steel"

Is there anyone who’s anxiously waiting to see Dreamworks/Disney’s film version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, aka Real Steel, which is coming out on October 7? I mean that seriously. Anyone at least over the age of 12, and not some 30 year old geek fanboy living in their parents basement, surrounded by their collection of Star Wars and Hellboy collectables? Raise your hands.

However, here’s a short promo video with Hugh Jackman trying really hard to convince us how great this film is going to be, and how he’s SO excited to be in it, when the reality, of course, is that it was just a really big paycheck for him.

But the short also reveals how the filmmakers used the movements of boxers trained by Sugar Ray Leonard to create the motion capture CGI effect for the boxing moves of the robots in the film.

Of course you realize that one of the robots, or maybe some of them (if they talk) will sure to have an identifiably “black” voice. Don’t they always?

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Red Mask

It’s not a just a big paycheck for Hugh. In an Interview he said how much he’s wanted to do a family movie, which this will be.



Wait,no one said that because of you there will be no black Sci-Fi films,your flattering yourself.It just seems like your angry at “geeks” as you would say for no damn reason.Where you beaten up by Trekkies in high school or something?I’m just saying.

For a site that wants black film to evolve it seems like it’s stuck in the past.There’s a reason why black film is in the sad state it is right now.It’s afraid to evolve into something new,and your comment just proved it to me.


Oh please…

Boo hoo hoo because of me there are no black sci-fi films. I love action films WWII movies and westerns and I’m not crying because there’s no (or very few) black version of those films. Hell, I would like to see a black version of De Sade’s 120 Days at Sodom for that matter

And maybe I did mean to deride coke bottle glasses wearing geeks who like sci-fi and comic book films. What are going to do – you gonna shoot me?


*raises hand* How about wait and see before judging?

@incrediblejeff – I agree 100%.

Sergio’s unwarranted slight on fanboys really pissed me off. I’m over 30, don’t live in my parents’ basement or have collectibles, but I am very much a “geek” or “fanboy” of certain works. I’ve been saying for years that Blacks need to open their horizons to different genres and not constrain ourselves “within the box.” I write screenplays and once had a college friend tell me, when I told him I was working on a sci-fi piece, that “ni@@as don’t do sci-fi. We like dramas, hood movies, but we don’t do sci-fi.”

Sigh. Now Sergio, maybe you didn’t mean to insult lovers of sci-fi. I’m fairly certain (and hoping) you weren’t. But please understand when someone uses the language you did, it gives off the feeling that not only do you dislike the genre, but you have a sense of derision for the fans of it. If you don’t like the genre – cool. But there was no need for the stereotypical slight.

As for the movie – I’m interested. It looks like it’s already got more of a brain and heart than the ‘Transformers’ films…


I’m not to thrilled about the idea of rock’em sock’em robots but I will go out and see it because some friends have small roles in the film. I agree with some of incrediblejeff comments but I think the time is now for some “black” sci-fi, fantasy, and other genre films. I’m tired of dramas and typical outlandish comedies.


This movie looks terrible,but wow Sergio Stereotype much?Alright we get you hate these types of film.But was it necessary to group all Sci-Fi fans as that played out stereotype.I think what’s holding Black film back in general is the unambitious of most black films.We always see the same tired cliche’s and we are okay with them.It’s always either a Drama or a comedy.We need some black Sci-Fi films,but judging from your rant.I don’t think were ready yet.

E Forde

Drirector Shawn Levy introduced & screened 30 minutes or so of the film at the recent Empire Big Screen event in London.
All I’ll say is it didn’t look great (Ok some of the footage was still to undergo Post Production) and it reminded me of a recent S&A post on Hollywoods plundering of Board games.
Anyone wrong side of 30 might remember a game called Raving Bonkers (Rock’em Sock’em on your side of the Atlantic) where you controlled Fighting Robots. Well the film very much in keeping with it.

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