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Survey: Al Sharpton On Our Screens Daily?

Survey: Al Sharpton On Our Screens Daily?

By now you may have heard the news that civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, a frequent guest on MSNBC, has indeed gotten his own show.

Sharpton will host PoliticsNation, a nightly program that will air weeknights live at 6pm Eastern. The program, which will feature discussion on the day’s headlines, will debut Aug. 29.

My question is, should we be excited about this?

Personally, I appreciate that as of late Rev. Al has seemed more reasonable with his remarks than in years past. Still, not so sure I’d rather see him get his own show on the network over someone like, say, Melissa Harris Perry. Judging by some of the comments on our previous Sharpton-related posts, some of you agree.

So, a quick informal survey:

Are you happy about Sharpton’s permanent hosting gig, and will you be tuning in?

Do you feel this will have any effect on the racial landscape of TV news/politics in general, or MSNBC in particular?

And if not, what do you feel are the alternatives?

Please weigh in below.

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He got his rants-raves from old Mort Downey re-runs, this guy aint nothin but a silver tongue ambalance chaser.

Geneva Girl

I just wish he’s learn NOT to shout into the microphone. He still speaks like he’s on the pulpit. I enjoy him in bits, don’t know if I can take an entire show.


Ok, will take this to mean that people are over the subject. But thanks for your thoughts JMac and Geneva Girl!


typo: a journalist I can watch for more than 10 minutes


Wow. No comments at all?

I’ve tried watching the show a few times – he puts black folks on and tongue whips some of the white ones. However, it’s difficult to listen to Sharpton for more than a few minutes. I always have to change the channel regardless of the topic.

I’m indifferent about the whole thing. Happy they put a black guy (who isn’t a conservative lawn jockey) on the air w/o much limitations. Not happy that it’s not a journalist and can stand watching for more than 10 minutes.

His effect on tv news – none.

Alternatives – don’t know. I can’t think of any poc who could effect news coverage/journalism in a significant way.

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