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“The Hunger Games” Gets A Teaser Trailer…

"The Hunger Games" Gets A Teaser Trailer...

It debuted during last night’s MTV VMAs.

I’m still finding it hard to get excited about this. The series of books sits on a shelf in my living room, though I haven’t read them. So much else to read before I get to those… if I ever do.

Watch the short teaser below if you haven’t already:

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No thanks, I’ll stick with Battle Royale.


Although I read Katnis as a protagonist of color, the author didn’t. Or at least insinuated that she didn’t in response to fan disappointment at the casting choice.

Katnis’ mother and sister were blue-eyed blondes. But, Katnis, her father, and the overwhelming majority of the people in their district were dark-eyed, dark-haired, olive skinned people. Plenty of people came away with the impression that Katnis was biracial. Or ethnic. Or at least not white in the way that the actress who was cast is white. Even though the actress and the character are from the same region in the US.

There will be black characters in the (first) movie. Rue, Thresh, people from their district. They were described as brown, maybe even dark brown in the book. Still, I didn’t get that they were supposed to be black until the author said that they were in response controversy of the white-washed casting.


The first book was very good. The series wasn’t as well done after that, but the series was decent overall. Can’t get excited about the movie. That clip was worthless.


@A: The main character’s race is never stated, but she is described as having olive skin with dark eyes and hair. Nothing against Jennifer Lawrence, but I’m sad that the casting director didn’t even try to audition POC.


Black face? Wasn’t this character biracial in the book? hmmm. . .I need to take another look, maybe I’m thinking of another book


Jennifer looks so different in the introduction. I have faith that she’ll do her part justice though.


The Japanese did it better. Watch Battle Royale.

Vanessa Martinez

yah I don’t care.

Somebody wake me up when we get a trailer for Shame or Wuthering Heights. Thanks.

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