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‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Being Developed Into A TV Series

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Being Developed Into A TV Series

There’s been a steady stream of television-related news trickling out over the past few days (thank you, TCAs), but none as surprising as this: apparently ABC has tasked Lionsgate with producing a screenplay that could possibly become a television program based on “The Lincoln Lawyer.” Yes, that movie that gave audiences a rare glimpse of Matthew McConaughey with a shirt on and became a sleeper hit this spring, exceeding expectations to take $75 million worldwide and some decent critical praise to go with it. Not bad.

Variety is reporting that Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment have locked the film’s writer, John Romano, along with the original novel’s author, Michael Connelly, to co-write and executive produce the pilot. This certainly shows that they have intentions, at least, of making this a program worth watching.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” boasts a premise that pretty much sells itself: a suave, savvy lawyer who handles clients out of the back of his chauffeured Lincoln Town Car. That just smells of an opportunity to offer audiences a weekly crime procedural show with a bit of a twist. While we won’t exactly be clamoring to catch this if the pilot is picked up, fans of Connelly’s novels, who have long been waiting some kind of decent treatment of his work, will certainly be glad to know that the adventures of Mick Haller could soon become a weekly affair.

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The Playlist

Also, pretty sure Nicolas Winding Refn ripped off one of the electro-pop songs in it for Drive. No coincidence that Cliff Martinez did the score for both. But more power to him I guess.

Kevin Jagernauth

Oh man, that’s a bummer. The books are pretty pulpy but lots of fun. But I could totally see how a movie version couldn’t work though. Still, gonna have to check it out.

The Playlist

Finally caught up with this movie. It is enjoyable B-Trash, McConaughey’s character is hilarious. Also, it’s pretty fucking bad. :)

John Merenda

A slick lawer working out of the back of a Lincoln Town Car. “Notguilty” on the license plate. Pulled over to the side of the road by motorcycle gangs to do lawyering buisness. Loved it! How can it miss?

Maria Calix

I enjoyed the movie so much that I saw it twice. Something I rarely do. Glad to see where is going.

Mr Anonymous

Interesting move but will it work? I thought the Lincoln Lawyer was excellent, a very good film. But it’s all down to who plays Mick Haller as played by Matthew McConaughey in the film. They have got to get the casting right for the tv show to work.


Maybe Josh Lucas will be available if The Firm gets cancelled. It’s funny, the first thing I thought of when the ads starting showing up for The Lincoln Lawyer was that it looked like a USA Network show.

Kevin Klawitter

Saw this coming a mile away. Do you think they’ll try to get McConaughey to reprise his role for the series, or will they go with a different actor?

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