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The World’s Most Powerful Women According to Forbes

The World's Most Powerful Women According to Forbes

Forbes loves its lists. Its most recent list is the world’s most powerful women and it is of course dominated by female politicians with Angela Merkel topping the list. But there are many Hollywood and media players who made the list, and Lady Gaga is the top Hollywood entry on the list at Number 11.

Here they are:
11- Lady Gaga
12- Jill Abramson – Executive Editor, NY Times
14- Oprah Winfrey
18- Beyonce Knowles
24- Anne Sweeney – Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks

28- Amy Pascal – Co-Chair, Sony Pictures
29- Angelina Jolie
31- Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post/AOL
44- Christiane Amanpour- Host, This Week
47- Diane Sawyer – Anchor, ABC Evening News
51- Helen Boaden – Director, BBC News Group
54- Bonnie Hammer- Chair, Cable NBCU
55- Ellen DeGeneres – talk show host
61- JK Rowling- Harry Potter author
66- Ann Curry- co-host, Today Show
69- Anna Wintour – editor, Vogue
75- Greta van Sustren- Host, On the Record
81- Tina Brown – editor, The Daily Beast/Newsweek
88- Sue Naegle- President, HBO Entertainment
89- Mindy Grossman – CEO, HSN

Full list

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If you really want to get depressed, read Forbes list of the 71 more powerful people. Only four are women. Most of the men on the list have stay-at-home wives and are huge exploiters. Some are all-out misogynists. DSK and Julian Assange are on the list and we all know that women have accused them of rape.


The Forbes list is pretty depressing. None of the women are full-time feminist activists. Without the Gloria Steinem’s of the world, most of the women would have never gotten on the list. And yet, nobody ever mentioned Steinem or the feminist movement.

It’s time for these big time beneficiaries of feminism to give something back to the movement instead of taking taking taking.

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