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Thoughts On Affion Crockett’s New Sketch Comedy Series “In The Flow”…

Thoughts On Affion Crockett's New Sketch Comedy Series "In The Flow"...

It debuted on Sunday night on Fox. I didn’t catch it, although my Twitter and Facebook feeds were full of conversation about it. I couldn’t quite gauge overall reactions to it, and I haven’t heard much conversation about it since Sunday night, so I’m guessing its taste didn’t linger, giving folks something to talk about around office water-coolers, real and virtual…?

Did you watch it? And if so, your thoughts on episode 1, and will you be returning?

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Ultimately disappointing. I wanted so hard to laugh, waited for a reason to — but it never truly came and stuck around. Crockett is clearly talented – a great mimic, with a wonderfully flexible face for comedy, and full of potential, most of which was wasted on poor writing. For example, he does a dead-on Tiger Woods — the best take I’ve seen in comedy — but the sketch went nowhere. Someone here made a great point: the show should take the ensemble approach and not rely solely on the star to carry the burden of each skit. Also, please, please, if you’re reading this, Mr. Crockett: please get some new writers, funny writers. I really want the show to succeed, hope it does — but it’s got to make some improvements!


The chosen ones have arrived several times. Unfortunately they either stop being funny or they die too soon.

RIP Bernie Mac
RIP Robin Harris


The show wasn’t funny. I laughed seeing Snoop Dogg as a blue avatar guy but this guy just isn’t funny.

The saddest part is to read some of the twitters and other comments thinking this guy is the greatest! It makes me think how bad comedy must be nowadays to accept very, very, very mediocre entertainment like that.

When is the chosen one of comedy going to arrive? : )

Duncan MaNutz

Liked It.


From “In Living Color” to “The Chappelle Show” and this show did not make the leap. Those shows were hard acts to follow, but I think he should have taken the “In Living Color” or “Saturday Night Live” approach and created a cast of funny people, not leaving all the “comedy” up to just him. Affion is very talented but not talented enough to carry a show, where he is in 95% of the skits. Jamie Foxx should have known better being part of the “In Living Color” alumni. There are plenty of other comics and comedic actors who should have been apart of this experience which would have made this into a WAY better show.


Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. Too much hype, not enough satisfactions. There were a few good jokes and nice impersonation. But to say you got your blessing from the like of the Wayans to go and do your “thing” and you don’t do it…fail!

And this isn’t a hating (as many will claim), Affion would be great as a segment in a real sketch comedy show. This wasn’t close to what I excepted it to be from the brilliant comedic mind of the likes of Jamie Foxx (Executive Producer). I wanted more, I expect more. Yet I was left with feeling like I was watching the Tyler Perry of sketch comedy.

So hey, hopefully he’ll garner the success of Tyler…I just hate that the general audience accept mediocre entertainment.

Oh well, back to watching old episode of In Living Color and Dave Chapelle on DVD…



He had everything he needed to be funny…

And I know I spelled Seth’s name wrong. Too tired to look it up.


It wasn’t funny. It had the setup to be funny. He had every he needed to be funny but he missed every time he went to bat. It wasn’t quite there. Maybe it’ll get better but 20 minutes in I was thinking why is this an hour show.

The only real high points were when he wasn’t on the screen (that should tell you something). Funny that Sam Jackson stopped by – but wasn’t used to his ability. Funny they got Snoop Dog to turn blue for the Afritar bit. Agree the black chick was funnier that Affion.

He’s gotta do better than that to keep a Fox show that comes on after Seth McFarlane.


I watched the premiere episode and he was really funny!

I’m glad he finally has his own show. I also noticed that Jamie Foxx is a executive producer of the show.


I definitely see an admirable attempt and have scheduled the season on my dvr. You can tell he isn’t a seasoned standup comedian because he doesn’t leave the audience with catch phrases but impersonation talent is and should definitely be duly noted. They have to get in touch with his target audience and create sketches that are relevant to them and not just his perfected characters whom may not be that relevant right now in pop culture. The woman who plays Iamunique on ‘Luv That Girl’ killed the Nicki Minaj impersonation by pulling off all her voices. She was the star to me. He has to bring along a talented peer group like so many successful sketch comedy shows have in the past.

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