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Tony Scott Plots Remake Of ‘The Wild Bunch’ But Wants To Do ‘Hell’s Angels’ Next

Tony Scott Plots Remake Of 'The Wild Bunch' But Wants To Do 'Hell's Angels' Next

Not content to have his brother hog the spotlight today, Tony Scott has some news he wants to share — and you’re probably not gonna like it.

While Ridley Scott is at least revisiting his own films with “Prometheus” and the forthcoming “Blade Runner” spinoff/sequel/thingy, Tony is just gonna take an unimpeachable Hollywood classic and remake it. So in case you thought Sam Peckinpah‘s “The Wild Bunch” needed some improving, Tony Scott is gonna throw some fucking filters and fast cuts all over it in a proposed remake. Christ. Believe it or not, Warner Bros. has apparently been trying to get a “reboot” (shudder) done for years and at one point had a script from David Ayer that never made it into production. So this time around, Brian Helgeland (“Green Zone,” “Robin Hood“) will take a stab at it. No word yet on how it will update the story but seriously, what a fucking terrible idea. Here’s hoping this stays in development hell. Thankfully, there’s something else Scott wants to do first (and he’s got a few other options as well).

Remember “Hell’s Angels“? First announced last spring as a possible team up between Scott and Mickey Rourke, the film is based on Sonny Barger‘s autobiography “Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club” and this at least, has some great potential. Scott Frank rewrote a Stephen Gaghan script into a tale that would take place during the Laughlin riots of 2001 when the Hell’s Angels and The Mongols were battling for turf. The story would center on the friendship between Barger and a young drifter and mechanic, so it seems the previously mooted “Donnie Brasco“-esque tale of a young cop who tries to infiltrate the club and investigate its activities has been tossed. So too has Rourke as the lead and Shia LaBeouf as the co-star. Scott apparently wants Jeff Bridges for the part, but no meetings have been set yet and even if he says yes, his busy schedule means the film won’t be able to shoot until next spring at the earliest. So what else has he got?

Well, there’s the “Top Gun” remake that has been kicking around; the long developingPotzdamer Platz,” a drama about two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally that was rumored to shoot this year; as well as the adaptation of John Grisham‘s “The Associate” (that also had LaBeouf linked at one point).

So all this today and no one has any idea what Scott will do next just yet, but he’s threatening to remake “The Wild Bunch.” Let’s hope anything but that one moves forward. [Deadline]

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Well maybe I am naive but I was just giving my opinion everyone is so quick to judge without knowing what exactly will be done I don’t think he’s trying to improve on something that obviously cant be improved I’m sure he’s a fan of Peckinpah and excited to take the concept and give it his own spin….. just saying :)

Mickey Fan

Mickey Rourke playing the God of the hells angels would be a perfect part for Mickey. Mickey Rourke’s real fighter training would be perfect the scenes with Mickey slapping around Sonny barger and the rest of the hells angels that talked out of place at meetings or Mickey beating on hells angels that broke the gangs rules.


Next things you know, they’ll be remaking The Searchers. Seriously, sequel/remakes to both Blade Runner and The Wild Bunch in one day? What is the world coming to?


Well I for one think it’s a good idea a new spin on an old classic to be completely honest the original wasn’t quite my cup of tea maybe its a girl thing but i saw it a couple of weeks ago and was a bit bored….. just saying ……. and if its original ideas you well then start writing ha!

Mr. Arkadin

well Judy, maybe you’re naive … just saying … chances are, considering that the original film is very much a product of its time and unique director / cast, such a film won’t be made today (for various reasons). so why remake it, if you won’t be able to do a film in this kind of overall mood. do an original screenplay instead, there are vaults full of them (good ones). stop making money on name recognition alone. fuck, there are even many classic films that scream remake, because they have interesting concepts to work with …


While I’m not one to go into an instant conniption at the idea of sequels, prequels, remakes and the like, this one admittedly does make me want to throw the desk across the room. I love Straw Dogs (along with most Peckinpah) and the remake will never taint or replace the original, but this one seems just unholy even to consider.

Steve Taylor

Judy – Yes it must be a girl thing, the original isn’t remotely boring and hasn’t even dated particularly, it cannot be improved in any way. It’s not even like True Grit, where the Coen’s were able to restore elements from the novel that the John Wayne / Henry Hathaway version didn’t use.


Fuck you Tony Scott, Warner Bros & Hollywood……y’all gone too fucking far this time…you crossed the line with Dirty Dancing…now you obliterated it with this fucking announcement! Go fuck yourselves!


He should do a Hell’s Angels version of the Wild Bunch

Andre Seewood

It just all sucks so bad… Hollywood too afraid of original ideas and audiences too passive to demand original ideas… I thought it was worse when they would just steal the plots and put new titles on the films, but now the remakes almost make me long for those good old days. Just waiting on the TAXI DRIVER and /or RAGING BULL remakes now… just waiting.


jesus christ.

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