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Tony Scott Remaking Sam Peckinpah’s Classic Western “The Wild Bunch”

Tony Scott Remaking Sam Peckinpah's Classic Western "The Wild Bunch"

So… on the heels of his older brother Ridley Scott’s announcement that he’ll be revisiting cult classic Blade Runner, comes this news from Deadline:

Tony Scott is in talks with Warner Bros to direct a reboot of the 1969 Sam Peckinpah-directed The Wild Bunch. This film becomes one of three or so that Scott is most eager to direct as his follow-up to the Denzel Washington-Chris Pine action film Unstoppable.

No comment… by the way, Tony Scott is also planning to revisit Top Gun.

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This is a joke, right?
No, seriously


I’ve always believed that most movies successes are highly depended on the vision of the director, and of course the writing. I don’t think that’s new to anyone. So when I think of westerns, I have to look at some of the most popular and go from there. Directors that come to my mind are Sergio Leone, Sam Peckinpah John Ford and I guess I have to throw Clint Eastwood on the heap. So where does Tony Scott fit?

Each of those directors had distinct styles and their movies where driven by distinct elements. I mean, aside from the stars (which obviously carry many movies) westerns are/were generally good vs. evil. Of course we all know about the evil Indian (had to get rid of him). And then there’s law in order in the town , land grabs and/or someone stealing someone’s money.

Now I’m looking at True Grit to move to The Wild Bunch. John Wayne carried the first True Grit, and Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for his performance (or did he just get nominated?). Anyway, Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood were the driving forces behind the “Dollar” flicks, and Sergio Leone was simply a master of westerns. Even when I look at the winning qualities of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, I know why that movie was so popular.

In short, now I’m thinkin’… Tony Scott stepping in Sam Peckinpah’s shoes…. Uuuuuuuuum, a slippery slope for sure… not to mention the seasoned – grizzly – western actors that played an vital role in the movie’s success. They were dead-on perfect for that movie.


@ tambay, thank you! i confused the Westerns. i recall this subject being discussed before on this site, concerning kurosawa’s work and how the set-up/plot device, i don’t know the correct term, inspired other features…

hyperactive editing, restless framing yes, definitely frenetic his features are. :-)


@ Tamara – just a note on the “Wild Bunch”/”Seven Samurai” connection…

WB was certainly inspired by SS, much the same way that so many other films were that came after it; but definitely not what I’d call a remake of SS – certainly not in the way that “The Magnificent Seven” was so obviously a remake of SS.

But damn, I just don’t know what to expect with Tony Scott remaking it, considering the style he seems to have embraced in recent films, going back to “Enemy Of The State” or so – all that hyperactive editing, restless framing, overwhelming soundtrack. I’m not really a fan.

I’d maybe be fine with an “inspired by” film, with a different title.

JustOne More

Another one who wants to capitalize in the (sucess?) of True Grit’s remake?


No comment on ‘The Wild Bunch’ remake. (isn’t it also a remake/re-imagining of ‘The Seven Samurai’? i think it’s been discussed before…)

‘Unstoppable’ wasn’t so great to me, and I do love for the most part Tony Scott films.

‘Top Gun’ for me is classic; cheesy, but classic (dogfights). As an aside, I appreciate Tarantino’s take on ‘Top Gun’… lol and in spite of the ‘slant’ he gave it, I still love it.

As far as a re-visitation of Maverick and Ice and the rest of those smexy men… Meh. I’ll view it for the action…in the sky, but honestly don’t think that the ‘chemistry’ *cough* betwixt Val and Tom’s characters can be duplicated.

Hollywood is on a nostalgia trip. Rather, maybe these directors are feeling some kind of way about the ‘best of their bests’ and want to go back to those ‘worlds’ they once created.

Gary C.

While I am pleased to see the western genre revived, I am disappointed in learning someone has the nerve to touch a cinematic gem in remaking The Wild Bunch. This was a film I loved as a kid and studied in film class from the screenplay to directing to cinemaphotography. Enough with this remaking nonsense.


Never heard of this movie. But, i think its clear that there are no human beings in hollywood. What happened to taking a chance on original scripts? People need to financially voice their displeasure with this “remake” trend.

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