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Love Idris, but I’m so sick of these kinds of movies I don’t even know what to do with myself. Even Idris isn’t worth the brain cells I’d waste watching this film. Pass.

Adam Scott Thompson

Nic Cage’s career is cursed. lol Still, it does look better than the first one. That’s the thing about comic book sequels: they’re better ’cause you don’t have to waste time on origins.

other song

this looks better than the first one already. There are some nice shots in this.

I like the ‘flying out the motorcycle, over the edge of the bridge while busting guns’ moment.


I saw the first one…meh…I’d only see this one for Idris, lol…

I think I’ll be more impressed with the movie poster, than the actual movie…


Watched on mute; at work, ugh. Is the first one even worth it? Not familiar with this particular “Marvel”. ;-)

Nice flames… and chains.

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