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Trailer For “Machine Gun Preacher” Arrives…

Trailer For "Machine Gun Preacher" Arrives...

And it does absolutely nothing to change my mind about how I’ve felt about it all along – especially after seeing the official poster that I posted a few days ago, which, as I already stated, turned me off instantly. But I guess it’s good to Souleymane Sy Savane getting work.

Full synopsis:

When ex-biker-gang member Sam Childers (Butler) makes the life-changing decision to go to East Africa to help repair homes destroyed by civil war, he is outraged by the unspeakable horrors faced by the region’s vulnerable populace, especially the children. Ignoring the warnings of more experienced aide workers, Sam breaks ground for an orphanage where it’s most needed in the middle of territory controlled by the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a renegade militia that forces youngsters to become soldiers before they even reach their teens. But for Sam, it is not enough to shelter the LRA’s intended victims. Determined to save as many as possible, he leads armed missions deep into enemy territory to retrieve kidnapped children, restoring peace to their livesand eventually his own.

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“They are out there.”

When any of those ‘superior’ Asian networks go nationwide in the US, watch the quality level and see if it doesn’t drop to appeal to more viewers …. sort of how TV One is doing with the new emphasis on reality dating shows.

But I guess TV One and OWN don’t count despite being black owned networks. It’s always about BET. If black folks don’t hear about the variety maybe they’re tuned into the wrong station or website.


Orville said: “The bottom line is when is a black director besides Tyler Perry going to step up to the plate and make a movie that will attract a black audience?”


That day has already arrived and has been in existence for quite some time. However, the problem lies in the word “paradigm”. There will never be a day in which all blacks raise their hands in victory upon seeing a film that “they” will all love and support. Consequently, I think we make the critical mistake of defining success by Hollywood’s money standards.

As been illustrated on this blog a thousand times, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

So in essence, it’s a misnomer to suggest that Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels are the only 2 black directors making films that will attract a black audience. Should we talk about the size of said audience, or the money the film made, or what? Or maybe we should talk about the demographics of the audience and rather or not they are of the “purist” and/or snob crowd? Does comedies count? If so, what black audience is paying their black dollars to see Martin Lawrence’s movies? I think a few black folks have seen the Friday’s serie, and many have seen “I Will Follow”. Not to mention the fact that Jumping The Broom has not done too bad.

In short, many black directors are making movies that are attracting black audiences. Don’t buy the hype, stay in the right lane and look in the right bag. What standards are we using?


@ Orville & Miles, I hear exactly what you two are saying, that’s why I have to stand on my position… “Consequently, I think we make the critical mistake of defining success by Hollywood’s money standards”.

Now I have to go back to the spook who sits by the door. There are a couple of things called supply demand and diminished returns. One could make the argument that more of a promotional push (money) for I Will Follow, or any other off-the-beaten-track black movie would increase it’s “success”, however it’s a thin argument. When I think of promotional budgets, many of them cost as much as the total budgets of the aforementioned movies. So I am suggesting one could be throwing good money after bad.

And to that point, as Ava Duvernay said, a black director has to realize and accept who their audience is and then move accordingly. In response to that suggestion, we’re back at “who is that knocking at “that” door? That door?… demographics, genre, storyline, comedy, message flick, race related, deep drama. chick flick, date flick, young or old, male or female, etc,? There’s only so much black pie, which leads me back to Ava’s paraphrased comment “a black director has to realize and/or accept who their audience is and then move accordingly.

In short… big issues… supply & demand, diminished returns, throwing good money after bad, and “audience”?

Miles Ellison

I would agree that the black audience is diverse, and that different kinds of films have been supported, but the level of support and promotion is the issue. There is a LOT more promotional muscle thrown behind the likes of Precious, the latest Tyler Perry movie, and The Help. Those films are on multiple screens in conveniently located multiplexes in highly populated areas.

It goes back to the question of why. Do studios devote massive promotional and distribution resources to these films because those are the kinds of films they want black people to watch in large numbers? Or is it because these are the kinds of films black people have demonstrated that they will watch in large numbers?

If I Will Follow, or any other off-the-beaten-track black movie had gotten the promotional push and distribution The Help did, would it have made as much money?


As far as I know there are no Asian American tv networks
There is an Asian network in Canada.
There are quite few Asian American Networks in a few states mainly California.
ImaginAsian-that airs in some markets.

They are out there.

Other races don’t have to buy a ticket and go over there to see thier own stuff. They have networks doing WAY better jobs at than BET has ever done it. A lot of them are locally done.

So what is our excuse again? So how is that every other race can showcase and SUPPORT variety but if it’s not by Tyler Perry or have some dumb black woman getting screwed over by Pookie-we won’t hear about it?


Carey Carey I am aware there are other black directors besides Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry. I am also cognizant that black people just like other races have divergent views and predilections in relation to films. However, I am talking about huge box office success. I am aware there are other black directors out there but how many of them have made movies that are huge hits at the box office?

Jumping The Broom was a moderate success I wouldn’t call that film a huge hit. I think Jumping The Broom was a step in the right direction but the story was unoriginal.

I guess what I am trying to say I have not seen any black directors besides those two that have huge box office success and a cultural impact. Spike Lee made a cultural impact in the late 1980s and early 1990s and in the past five years Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry also made huge films. I know the film I will Follow did well though.


I guess Gerald Butler really wants an Oscar bad if he’s making this movie. I will reserve judgement though until I see the movie. I think though that these conversations kind of go in circles about this whole white saviour theme. The bottom line is when is a black director besides Tyler Perry going to step up to the plate and make a movie that will attract a black audience? I think Lee Daniels is the only one to achieve this but his movies tend to be very depressing. Someone else has got to do it and until he or she does we got nothing to complain about.


I really like Butler but just…NO!

Miles Ellison

All well and good to rail against this kind of white-savior-of-pathetic-helpless-black-people storytelling, but where is the demand for alternatives?

blah blah

Hell no! There. No long diatribe necessary.


You people talk like we don’t have anything and won’t. We’ve got the resources, they’re just not being used effectively. We’ve had news, soap operas, talk shows, etc… on black networks. They either died a violent death or they’re so junky no one wants to acknowledge they exist. We own some small studios, we own some theaters, we have some distribution companies, we have a couple networks with more coming in the next year or so.

And it’s silly to compare blacks with hispanics, asians, or any other group in this country. Those other races have long standing access and support in the entertainment world in their countries of origin since those countries jumped into movies and television as early as America and Europe. As far as I know there are no Asian American tv networks. The Hispanic ones started with huge help from Mexico, the Caribbean, or South America. If they want to develop a show or act (as something other than a token) all they have to do is buy a plane ticket and go to India, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, etc… If they want to create something in the US, they just need to make a few phone calls. The industry is already there and been there -regardless of Hollywood – since the beginning.

If you want something like that then go to Nollywood or any African country with the resources and build up the industry. But of course that’s too much work. Just work for everyone other than your own people. Make that money, complain to anyone who listens, and leave it for someone else to do… as usual.


I don’t see none of these film makers Black call to arms reach out for other talented Black folk to come together to do projects, I see the Latino’s do it and that’s why I make their films and happily work in their community

Hispanics own thier own studios and theaters and have places to show those films. They have thier own networks. YOu will find news, soap operas, talk shows and everything else about thier race on those networks.

What studios do we own?
What movie theaters?
What network?
What distribution do we have to get said films into stores?

How many black films (including some on this site) will EVER air on BET? Be found in stores?

We have black folks doing what you are saying however if it’s not coonfest 85% of the hood won’t support it.


Thanks mediatrussed.

I couldn’t said it better myself.


@Vichus-I totally agree. Now, if I had read the script & it sucked you wouldn’t see me make that post for real LOL. But since I read it, it is good & I happen to know him, I felt like putting a little positivity out there.

I know it seems like many of us only dog movies, but sometimes we can actually throw Kudos & well wishes out there.

But like you, this “type” of movie is not high on my list, even if it is good (see CRY FREEDOM & THE LAST SAMURAI). Truth is, as long as there are white people making movies, there will be a “white” angle on any film dealing with other races & cultures. Like we’ve said a million times on here, tell “Your” story…

Don’t think it will inspire anything tho…no vampires & not enough teens in it LMAO


there’s wishing people well, and then there’s not wanting certain style of movie to continue to be pumped out.

I don’t want to snatch crumbs out of Gerard Butler’s mouth nor out other mouths of the members of the cast and crew.

I don’t want it to be a huge bomb, but I hope it doesn’t inspire a new line of films like this.


@Laura-That’s good to know



Glad to know the you have people looking out for you.

Still, aint feeling it whatsoever.

But totally understand that you are supporting your colleague.


@ hmm?

of course he set up the orphanage. anyone with an ounce of humanity hopes that him, the orphanage, his wife, his redhead boo piece in africa and even his faith in god are all doing well and prospering.

what we’re commenting on, on this here website, dedicated to cinema on african peoples, is yet another hollywood studio making this story.

it’s funny, sad, vexing and ultimately boring. as black folk we’ve seen this story before and it’s not fresh. yet and still there’s a segment of the market that loves seeing this stuff (hmmm?). ultimately this isn’t worth my attention.



People are going to act like this guy didn’t really set up that orphanage?


And I have to say-I hope it does well. Gerry looked out for me in a BIG way, more than any other person, especially Black folks (many who I sought out), in Hollywood.

He did it just because, without me asking, because we’re Actors trying to make it-not “Black” or “White” actors. So I support him. The script is good, even if it is “we saved your black ass”.

Best to ya Gerry!


wow…its like blatant in your face righteous mighty whitey indignation! I can’t help but laugh. LMAO! Yea im definitely going to pass on this.

other song

African White Space Christ with gats

Duncan MaNutz



I had to laugh, because I’m thinking “Oh, Hollywood ran out of high school scenario where white people save black people”

Now one white person is basically going to save Africa.Alright. Whatever.

Questions & Answers?!?!!!

Present: “The Help” (2011)

“Machine Gun Preacher” (2011)

Past: Hardball, Blind Side, Cool Running’s, Dances w. wolves, Music of the heart, Sunset Park, Avatar, Freedom writers, Dangerous Minds, Gran Torino, Mandelay, Blood Diamonds, etc.

So what are the problems with these films?

Well, they portray people of color as too desolate, too hopeless, too overcome by their own prejudices and circumstances to help themselves, so they need someone to help them. But not just anyone, no, this helper must be a White Savior. This Savior inspires the people of color, teaches them how to be a better them, and makes their lives better when the people of color couldn’t do it themselves. These films ignore the stories of people of color helping their own communities and helping themselves.

Ugh! This ish makes me sick to my stomach. H-wood films enjoy capitalizing on the stories of people of color, yet instead of telling the film through their eyes, they are presented as stories of the white people who help them. The people of color in these films function as catalysts for the White Savior to learn his or her lessons and reach the end of his or her own journey.

Sh!t, this ish is jacked up!

LeonRaymond Mitchell

I love it, regardless on how you feel about this, I love it cause once again Black folk who are one huge horror show or pity party show no resitance to films like this, I hope I see a 100 more maybe then Black folk will get off their evil jealousy filled, crabs in a barrel asses and work to together to make films that depict their reality instead of some one else always saving the day!!!!

Like home boy said in “Do The Right Thing”- “I tell what I’m going to do and get to that movie and give them some of my money”

I don’t see none of these film makers Black call to arms reach out for other talented Black folk to come together to do projects, I see the Latino’s do it and that’s why I make their films and happily work in their community

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