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Trailer Watch – John Singleton’s “Abduction”

Trailer Watch - John Singleton's "Abduction"

Below is the trailer for John Singleton’s new Bourne Indentity for high schoolers movie Abduction , which opens Sept. 23rd , with that guy who walks around bare chested in those Twilight movies.

O.K. I understand; it’s tough out there in the film business and Singleton hasn’t made a film in quite a few years and, unfortunately, has had several projects in development fall through. A guy’s gotta eat, and besides he’s got six kids by five different women to supoort (No joke – he talks about his kids in an article about him in the latest issue of Uptown magazine).

And I’m sure that Singleton will do the PR rounds, like he does in that Uptown piece, praising the film, and talking about how great it’s going to be. But seriously do you think Singleton really wanted to make a film with that shirtless guy from those Twilight movies, especially with those totally unconvincing CGI shots of the guy jumping and running around as if he’s Matt Damon?

You think he could actually do any stunts? He probably finds it difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time. Like I said things are tough out there in the film business.

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I understand the rational behind Lautner being the lead and the film being a different project from Boyz N Da Hood. What troubles me is someone saying “he’s smart and he shouldn’t get trapped in the black box.” ??????? What? He is a black director! Using Black leads with a mixed cast is EXPECTED! We BUY MOVIE TICKETS! Mix it up and you draw the crossover crowd. WE DREAMED OF OUR CHANCE TO MAKE FILMS. Films of different genres…I would have loved Lauren London as his leadinng lady. TO ACT LIKE HAVING blacck faces in your film will sell less tickets is not only absurd, but it HAS BEEN DISPROVEN ON SO MANY LEVELS…Tust us we will support and so will non racist non blacks!


I don’t plan to see this movie either, but isn’t this the type of opportunity that we want Black folks in Hollywood to have and are always talking about?


hey dudes

how old do yahh have to be to see adbuction?


Wait a minute hold it!!!. Freema Agyeman is in the film????

DAMN! Now I may be forced to sit in theater full of 14 year old screaming girls to see the bloody movie

No forget it. After seeing the trailer again I can’t. Not even for Freema

geneva Girl

Call me a dirty old woman, but I can’t wait to see Taylor Laughtner without his shirt on. It needs to be in his contract in every movie: No shirt on for a good five minutes. Ha, ha, ha!

As for Singleton having all of those kids, how does he have time to direct a movie what with all of the scheduled visitations? He needs to work even on films that some deem beneath him to keep up the support payments.


Thumbs down on Taylor Laughtner, but Singleton did cast my girl Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones from Doctor Who, and star of Law & Order: UK.
Not sure that’s enough to get me to shell out $$ to sit through werewolf boy, but I give Singleton kudos.


@ Orville

So THAT’S the problem with you. You don’t read carefully. Tambay didn’t write the post. I did


“I also think it is good for John to diversify his directorial resume and not get trapped in that black box.”

Four Brothers was a “black” film? Hmm. If anything I’d say it was coloured, ‘present-day, western-esque, calico AWESOMENESS’. lol


I don’t see what Tambay’s problem is? It seems to me that Tambay is projecting his opinion of Singleton and not thinking carefully. John Singleton is a business man and now this movie will get a lot of mainstream attention because the kid from Twilight is trying to become a star. If this movie is successful John can get a lot of work. John Singleton is working with one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. Maybe John is just happy to get a pay cheque. I also think it is good for John to diversify his directorial resume and not get trapped in that black box. I think John should direct a gay movie next after this one.


@ Anderson

Boy I can’t get over one on you. I’ve to get up pretty early in the morning to beat you. Like DUH! I AM saying that I think this film is beneath Singleton. I’ll bet you’re the guy who wrote the profile in Uptown because you say exactly the same thing as the article that: “a lot of top directors wanted this gig but Singleton landed it.’

The film can go and gross $200 million and still think it’s beneath him. I agree with Tamara I would have preferred for him to do a tough hard core R rated sequel to Four Brothers or how about that Luke Cage film he’s been planning for years. Not some movie for squealing 12 year old girls with a crush for that what’shisname shirtless guy.

Then of course there’s those six kids he has by five different women. Funny I don’t hear you saying anything negative about that. That you don’t seem seem to have a problem with that.

And while we’re at it I reverse the right to clouds any facts with my negativity anytime I want to. Thank you.


What an idiotic post. Are you saying this movie is beneath John Singleton? Last time I checked that Twilight kid is considered to be one of the top young actors in Hollywood. The money guys trusted Singleton enough to give him this gig and it’s a big deal in the industry. A lot of top directors wanted this gig but Singleton landed it. Lot of money is at stake here for the decision makers so give the man his due props for winning this bid.

Just because you have a website and an opinion doesn’t mean you should cloud facts with your negativity.

You people are professionals in tearing your own down.


I’m smiling at this post.

*sings* “You know it’s hard out here for a [director] pimp.”


I wish John the best.

Projects I’d love to see from him—FOUR BROTHERS: the prequel or THREE BROTHERS & A MONTE CARLO: the sequel.

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