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Tweet Pic: Sanaa Lathan and Anthony Mackie in the Set of “Vipaka”

Tweet Pic: Sanaa Lathan and Anthony Mackie in the Set of "Vipaka"

This pic was tweeted by Sanaa Lathaan last night with the caption, “Me & my very beat up onscreen hubby, Mr. Anthony Mackie.” Currently in production in New Orleans, the Philippe Caland-directed Vipaka stars Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan and Nicole Ari Parker.

Tambay announced the film’s casting and production in this post early in the month. Although we don’t have any more details on what this Voodoo-themed story entails, besides the premise of two enemies that enter a battle that will “test each man’s belief in what they’re certain is the truth;” we do know now from this tweet caption that Mackie will play Lathan’s husband in the film.

Can’t wait to find out more! :-)

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Cynthia, I was just repeating what my lady said, so I rolled with it, and you’re not the only woman I’ve heard say that. And I like the guys acting, he’s one of the best.

Now I have to address keepingitreal.

@keepingitreal, we writers, commenters, movie fans etc, banter about stupid films, movie history, directors on the down low, actors, etc., ad nauseum. But we never seem to get down to anything really meaningful. In the realm of blogsphere jargon, it’s referred to as… well… just so much fluff. So, since all of us are down here in this matrix of a place; the comment section of a blog, I thought long and hard to come up with the proper way to address your concerns, which at least could possibly demonstrate what you and I are working with.

You said get a freakin’ life… but you’re here? What were you doing before you decided to be so un-lady like? Did you have a life? So here we are, the stage is set, at a post that had no comments.

Your real concern is what? You didn’t like my depiction of the actors? What… you didn’t like how I included gays in my post? Is it something I’ve said in another post, that you were there – having a life – while reading it. Seriously, you use the moniker “keepingitreal” so lets do just that. Tell me, is my voice different than yours? Would you prefer I cuss out the Blond-Girl or speak in racist tones when white people drop by? Maybe it’s that we don’t see eye to eye? You know, that generational thang. Maybe you’d like for me to tweet my concerns? You know, like your comment/

But maybe, your “criticism” comes from the fact that you truly have no idea what you’re doing, and truly has no gift of your own. And are just plain pissed off that I am happy and happily doing what I do. What if I was making the world a little more ugly, then would you gladly hold my hand and dance through the stankin muck filled sewer, proclaiming that you, just like me, see only how awful it all is, but take pleasure in the celebration of it? Well, somewhere along my journey, I came to understand that any D- minus person can see how terrible things are. That does not take any skills.

Keepingitreal, I am not going to tell you to get a life b/c you’re obviously living your life, but I would suggest that you open your mind and y’all be surprised at what you might find.

Now, back to the post… yeah Cynthia, I shouldn’t have poked fun at Forest, and I believe you posted a similar post and some people were concerned about how other movie of this nature have depicted us in the past. and blah blah… fluff fluff *smile*


Oh no!!! The rare occasion where I actually agree with Carey Carey! Though I wouldn’t have been so harsh about Forest. :P But yeah, Forest and Mackie as the male leads/love interests? :/


For the record, I find Forest very attractive…Carey!


CareyCarey needs a fucking life!


Whaaaaaaat! C’mon now, not one comment on Viblacka? maybe it’s the cast – huh? I can’t believe nobody has said anything about the over-hyped Anthony Mackie and the ugliest brotha in the movies, Forest Whitaker. I mean, I know Forest has this nasty looking growth on the back of his neck and one of his eyes looks east while the other is looking west, but what’s wrong with him kissing on either Sanna Lathan or Nicole Ari Parker? But by the looks of that photo, Forest has been kicking Anthony’s ass for messing with his ladies.

Oh yeah, big daddy woo-woo got a hold on Sanaa. In the script,Forest is voo-doo blakula and he opens Sanaa and Nicole’s noses – wide open – earlier in the movie. You know, he puts the big bit on their brown necks (hey, this is a black movie) and when suckula (played by Anthony) finds out, it’s on.

Now I don’t want to give away too much of the movie, but one of them is gay. That’s right, that’s the big plot twist. Now, turn your head if you don’t want to here more b/c this gets good.

Okay, there’s a gay gene that will eventually be used as an Antidote! I can’t wait for this movie to come out.

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