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Tyler Perry And Lionsgate Following Oprah’s Lead, Planning Cable TV Channel

Tyler Perry And Lionsgate Following Oprah's Lead, Planning Cable TV Channel

Are you ready for Tyler TV? No? Too bad, because it’s coming.

Lionsgate and Tyler Perry are reportedly broadening their already mutually profitable relationship by launching a cable TV channel tentatively called Tyler TV. No it’s not April 1st. This is very real.

Details are still sketchy, but the new network will initially house reruns of Tyler’s sitcoms and movies, plus third-party content “that meshes with Mr. Perry’s Christianity-tinged brand.

And after that initial launch, what more can we expect from Tyler TV? Again, details are sparse at the moment; we should know more soon.

A rather bold, maybe even risky move here for Lionsgate and TP I think, especially given how Oprah Winfrey has struggled with her new network… at least so far. Even the most ardent Tyler Perry supporters might only be able to consume his material in small doses. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (assuming that to be the plan) of TP-styled produce might be pushing it.

We’ll see, so stay tuned…

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I hope this doesn’t post twice. If it does, blame it on Mr. Maninthemiddle

auto-didactically, ooh, you’re good MiddleMyatt, and I am glad you came back. But isn’t that the best source of learning? I mean, although I have been formally educated, my best source of knowledge is derived from “going through”/experience. And no, I don’t live for boards, this board – for me – is a learning tool and so much fun. I am in close proximity to my PC (while I am doing my real/normal thang) that I can peak in and talk to people like you.

But check this, just as you felt compelled to “defend” mecca because you felt people were ganging up on her, I feel that same motivation when many on this board take ridiculous shots @ Mr. Perry. And on a side note, I know you’ve noticed that mecca has been carrying a BIG BLACK STICK, and on this board the majority of posters have been charging at Mr. Perry (my voice is in the minority, thus, the MLK quote). So miss me with what I call the “white girl cry“. Pandering and fake appeals for sympathy is not – always – a wise route.

And MiddleMyatt, I think you’ve missed me/the boat with the following… You said: “You know good and well [CareyCarey], Tyler Perry don’t be needing no coon-network. You just like to instigate mess, don’t you? You are obviously too well-educated (be it formally or autodidactic), too enlightened and advanced culturally—and got too much damn common sense to be liking on no Tyler Perry buffoonery! So cut it out—stop being disagreeable merely for the sake of disagreeing”

Listen, that whole comment takes me back to this comment….. You first said: “It should’ve read “autodidactically”—least I be accused of actually writing like a TP fan (let’s be frank here: we all know they’re not the best or brightest representatives of our race”

See, that’s why we are at odds. You implied that people who enjoy and understand Tyler Perry’s products are low-life and uneducated. Aside from that being very disrespectful and woefully untrue, it’s probably why you believe I am being disagreeable merely for the sake of disagreeing. That’s not true. As I mentioned before, when I see or hear popular messages – not “right” messages – being voiced from whatever source, I feel it’s my responsibility as a black man, who has lived a little, to voice a loud and clear dissenting opinion. Yes, my style is agitation and intimidation because most people don’t move until they’re moved out of their comfort zone.

Now Myatt, if you missed the significance of my MLK quote (obviously you did), here are 2 more that I believe fits this discussion and 2 that you can feel.

“Rarely do we find men who willing engage in hard, solid thinking. There’s an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think” and “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

So MiddleMyatt, in short, I do not believe, agree, nor adhere to all the “criticism” of Tyler Perry. However, do you know what puzzles me the most… when I ask others (you know who I’m talking about) to define the words coons and buffoonery and how they apply to Tyler Perry, the actors in his movies, and his fans, they run from the question or feign ignorance. Yet, they come back and cry “CareyCarey, don’t be so mean, why you pickin’ on us smart black faces. Will you please stop playing with people with your posts!”

MiddleMyatt, believe me, it’s not my intentions to play with you and others that feel they are free to voice mean spirited attacks on a black man, and expect NOT to hear a voice that vehemently disagrees with them. If they have a problem with being made accountable for their words, then I would suggest they play in a sandbox and stay out of adults business.

And Myatt, you seem to be an educated and an astute young man, so I was very surprised and somewhat shock at some of your statements. Maybe some of your comments were design to get me going, and you were being factious? I just can not believe that you believe your opinion on Tyler Perry “supporters” and your definition of coonery.

Lastly, I feel you on “The Help”. It’s also not my cup of tea. Not because of the subject matter, but because as you defined it, it’s a chick-flick-date-flick… in so many ways.


@CareyCarey again: It should’ve read “autodidactically” — least I be accused of actually writing like a TP fan (let’s be frank here: we all know they’re not the best or brightest representatives of our race — they’re the ones we hope and pray won’t be called upon to speak by local reporters when something, inevitably, is set off in the hood — am I right? And also, to use a MLK quote — inappropriately, as in your case, or not, when referencing TP, for many, harbors in itself a certain troubling and almost laughable irony!


@CareyCarey — Brother, you live for these boards, don’t you — just as I do when the opportunity to call out TP befalls me. My comments (about the apocalypse), I thought, made clear how I (me, personally and truly) really felt about TP (guess it was too subtle for ya), but I felt compelled to show some love and support to Mecca, only because I felt the truth-teller was being ganged up on for expressing a sound opinion about TP that so many of us share.

Regarding “The Help” — my time and money and viewing experiences (in theaters and in my living room) are all too precious to waste on fluff that’s clearly (and heavy-handedly) produced to illicit from me a certain response. Simply put, it ain’t my cup of tea (a dated movie about Black maids from such a contrived perspective — please! By now, even you know me better than that, CareyCarey.) In a past post, I described it as “The Blind Side” of Black maid movies. It’ll mark one of the few occasions on which I don’t feel compelled to show the beautiful and talented Viola Davis any love and support.

And CareyCarey, will you please stop playing with people with your posts! You know good and well Tyler Perry don’t be needing no coon-network. You just like to instigate mess, don’t you? You are obviously too well-educated (be it formally or autodidactic), too enlightened and advanced culturally — and got too much damn common sense to be liking on no Tyler Perry buffoonery! So cut it out — stop being disagreeable merely for the sake of disagreeing. Use your super powers for good, not evil, my agitating friend!


@ MiddleMyatt, Birds of a feather flock together and they cackle all the same!

But truth be told…. Many people fear nothing more terrible than to take a position which stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adopt a view that is so ambiguous that it will include everything and so popular that it will include everybody — Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now talk to me. What do YOU have to say about “The Help”, Tyler Perry and the burden of responsibility? It’s not manly to hide behind a woman’s skirt. Speak for yourself.


Don’t read the Bible much anymore, so correct me if I’m wrong: Isn’t this a sure sign of the apocalypse?

(And @Mecca: Hold your ground — you speak for many of us out there!)


Thank you, keepingit real.

Now it’s time cuz some of our black friends coughmeccacough and others have GONE STONE COLD WILD, and have lost their rabid childish minds.

And I ask, who are the coons and what’s the qualities of a coon? Was “For Colored Girls” coonery, and by extention, all the actors coons. If I am not mistaken, most of what some consider as A-line black actors have been in Tyler’s movies. Is a coon productive, or is he one who sits back and spews non-productive insanities at our leading actors and filmmakers. Is a coon a person who works their craft to the best of their ability or one who talks shit as if he or she is sitting at a game of spades with other drunk negroes…. talking shit?

I know people have the right to voice their opinions but I have an analogy. At a book website – similar to this movie blog – the same types of “discussions take place, but with one distinct difference… porous and unsubstantiated opinions are seldom directed at the authors. Granted, there are disagreements on “good” “bad” and “quality”, but again, those discussion seldom if ever are directed at the authors of the books in question. For instance, one post “what are you reading now” asked viewers to champion the books they are reading and why? The post received over 8000 hits/views and several comments, and not one focused on what’s wrong with this or that author. Some folks comments – here – spend way to much time in “negative land”. Is that being coon-toon-ish, childish, a damn fool or what? Are they productive?

Side bar: Many people can’t get with E Lynn Harris, Zane, street lit authors, or even the writing styles of Zora Neale Hurston and Toni Morrison (too many metaphors), however, most adults do not spend their time berating the authors. They champion what they like and leave the rest for those that love them.

That reminds me, are Tyler’s actors dragging their lips off the ground – with a smile on their face – while someone pokes them in their ass, and they say “Give me some mo boss”? Or do many of his movies make people laugh, cry, sing and have fun.? Are coons laughing along – at coons? I don’t think so.

Yep, it’s time. It’s time for some folks to take off their fake-ass raised black glove that will expose their sparkly Michael Jackson glove. You know, that glove that glitters but does not sing a word that anyone can take to the bank.


@ Mecca

What are you doing to make a change? What have you produced, directed, or wrote? TP is doing what he knows. If you don’t like then do your own thing. No need to complain about what TP is doing? I notice a lot of people who speaks against Spike or Tyler is not doing a damn thing! Black hollywood is too small for this foolishnes! I will continue to support both Spike and Tyler.


TP’s brand is Christian? Thou shalt not steal doesn’t seem to be on his top ten list.

If you want religious entertainment, watch GMC. Better yet, go to church.

@Kia. You do the praying, I’ll do some chanting. Maybe something will get through. LOL


Trust me, there are PLENTY of people who will watch Tyler’s network, nevermind you HATER’S. Tyler’s brand is Christian and family friendly and there are plenty of people who will support him. As for all of you who don’t want to watch; there are 999 more channels that you can watch….


@keeping it real

Who is hating? If you are a T.P supporter I am not going to try to stop you from being a fan of his work. But he is doing exactly what the “man” wants him to do dish out more coonery produce it, sell it and make sure all Blacks in America can watch it so he can generate more money in the bank.

I find that very sad how can you sell derogatory imagery to your own people? I’m with Spike Lee 100% this man is taking us back to the stone ages and we don’t need that today.

Lionsgate is a studio filled w/ white execs who call the shots and T.P is just a house negro slave who does everything that the “man” tells him to do. He will never grow as a filmmaker, or a writer not ever in a million years. How can we allow people like T.P to create more crap? We will never thrive in the world of cinema not ever. If we continue and allow goons like T.P to create such dung of crap degrading people of color.


@sonofbaldwin, my vote is for Coon TV. All coon. All the time.


I hope its better than Spike TV! I also hope its just not catered to The African American households! Haters are going to hate regardless! Who mad? Make those dollars Tyler.



I’m trying to ignore the reality here. Don’t kill a woman’s hope lol.



@ Kia. If he hasn’t collaborated by now (and he hasn’t), it’s not going to happen.


I’ll pray that Mr. Perry uses this as an opportunity to work with other writers, producer, directors and production companies. It would be especially awesome if these collaborations came in the package of original content, meaning not only projects penned and directed by Mr. Perry. Another plus would include if this channel could serve as a distribution outlet for theatrical released films of all genres.


Wow! Perry is certainly a man of his word.

A couple of years back on a TV interview (I think it was on Larry King or Charlie Rose) Perry was asked something along the lines of, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

One of the things that Perry said was having his own TV network. I thought it was something he said in jest seeing as how ridiculous it sounded.

Guess he wasn’t joking.

Say whatever you want about Tyler Perry but he definitely is a man who goes for his goals and makes them happen.

Dankwa Brooks

No comment for I have no words…


Ooh, let’s think of some names of the station for him:

“The Plantation Network”
“The House Slave Channel”
“Cotton Picking Television”

Adam Scott Thompson


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