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Tyler Perry Begins National Tour With New Play Examining Class; Movie Adaptation Next?

Tyler Perry Begins National Tour With New Play Examining Class; Movie Adaptation Next?

I just received notice that Tyler Perry will go on a national tour this fall with a new play he wrote and will direct titled The Haves and The Have Nots. He doesn’t act in this one though; strictly a behind the stage effort this time.

First of all, I didn’t realize he was still writing his plays, and that he planned on continuing to tour with new material. I was under the impression that he’d like to leave that world behind, to fully immerse himself in cinema. Where does this guy find the time, given all that is currently on his plate? Two movies a year, plus stage play tours around the country, producing the work of others, his TV shows, and just generally living life.

Damn! That’s a heavy load. But he’s doing it somehow.

The tour begins in late September, and will travel the country, continuing through mid-November… at least for now. He should be done with shooting I, Alex Cross by the time this national tour begins, so it looks like he’s go from Cross to Haves without much time between to chill.

Secondly, lately the stage has proven to be a kind of testing ground for whether a Tyler Perry play will be adapted for the screen; or maybe they could be thought of as marketing for the film versions that are probably guaranteed to eventually come, if not soon after the stage run.

I bring this up because, as we’ve witnessed, after last year’s national theater tour of Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family (or it may have been sometime during its run), we learned a film adaptation of that play was coming; and of course, that film has already been made and released in theaters. It’ll be on DVD next week.

So, Obvious Guy asks, so does this mean that we might soon hear of a new Tyler Perry movie in development titled The Haves and The Have Nots?

Maybe… maybe not.

We already announced Lionsgate’s new agreement with TP, extending their relationship even further; they’ll need some titles to fill the need.

So, what’s The Haves and The Have Nots about? Here’s the most revealing writeup I could find:

The story follows the life of a wealthy family who have everything they need and most of what they want. The characters are often preoccupied with superficial things, until they are forced to become involved with their housekeeper. When the poverty stricken maid is forced to ask for help, the family gets a chance to see how the other half lives. While coming to the rescue of the needy, it soon becomes painfully clear, who is really in need of saving. “The Haves and The Have Nots” stars Palmer Williams Jr. and a supporting cast of powerhouse singers, and comedians. The powerful stage play features brand new music written by Tyler Perry, and delivers enough laughs to keep audiences laughing for the rest of the year. Don’t miss Tyler Perry’s “The Have and The Have Nots,” roaring into theaters this fall.

I had no idea he wrote music as well, or have I just not been paying attention? I’m guessing it’s a dramedy.

Tickets are already on sale, starting at around $50 and up, depending on what city you live in. You can prepurchase via Ticketmaster HERE.

Otherwise, stay tuned for the film adaptation announcement; you heard it hear first :)

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“and a supporting cast of powerhouse singers, and comedians.”

No actors, though… :-/


Tyler won’t be in this play…He write’s all of them himself and does the music. Actually he is debuting two additional plays as well…They are going to debut at the end of the month in Atlanta. Both will go to DVD. One is called “Aunt Bam’s Place” starring Cassi Davis. The other one is called “I Don’t Want To Do Wrong, But…..”
starring Palmer Williams Jr.
Aunt Bam’s Place will run Aug. 29th – August 31st 2011
Then the second runs Sept 2nd -Sept. 3rd
He’s not touring with these.


Not saying that everything Tyler Perry does is amazing but he means well & most of his work is entertaining. If you watch his movies with that mindset you’ll probably enjoy him more. I love how us as black people who are supposed to support our own are steady talking about him but will be the first to report any update on him. I myself am a fan of his but if all you’re going to do is talk negative about him than just don’t report any of his projects at all…


I remember having to watch “Big Happy Family” (the play) with the family for Thanksgiving. I found the play *surprisingly* entertaining and heartwarming (I had just watched For Colored Girls and was done with TP).

At the end of the play, he comes out onstage and talks about losing his mother. While on her death bed, his mom told him to keep doing what he’s doing because the world told him to do it.

So there you have it, his momma told him to. And according to Perry, as long as people keep coming, he’ll keep the plays coming. *shrugs*


He got rid of all his top people in Atl. What’s the scoop.


Wow, cant wait, cross cultural coonery in drag.


The Haves and The Have Nots

Ahh, Tyler Perry – as subtle and nuanced as a sledgehammer.

Bigg Russ

“First of all, I didn’t realize he was still writing his plays…”

C’mon, really?

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