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“Undefeated” – Definitely Not The Sarah Palin Documentary

"Undefeated" - Definitely Not The Sarah Palin Documentary

No doubt some of you have heard about that documentary Undefeated, the kiss-ass Sarah Plain documentary made by a right wing conservative filmmaker intending to trick people into thinking that that MILF (Why do you think the media makes so much fuss about her? Because of her intelligence, or that screechy nails-on-a-blackboard voice of hers?) was a force to be reckoned with.

Of course it didn’t work. The Palin doc tanked miserably at the box office, grossing barely $100,000. However one can be sure the same fate will not befall the other Undefeated documentary.

I’m referring to Undefeated, the documentary co directed by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, which follows a volunteer coach for the Memphis Manassas, an inner-city school high-school football team, as he tries to help the team win its first playoff game in 110 years and inspire the students in the process.

After its showing at this year’s SXSW, the film was picked up for distribtuion by The Weinstein Company, and currently the company has been holding media screenings. The word is that the film is phenomenal, reducing even grown men to tears.

No date has been set yet for the film’s release, and there’s not even a trailer out; but when it is we’ll put it up.

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Larry Linn

If Palin ran for Dog Catcher, I would vote for the dog!


…but on to the relevant documentary.

Undefeated doesn’t exactly sound like a fresh story, but the fact that it’s getting such wonderful reviews must mean that there’s something powerful there. I’m very intrigued! Plus, I’m always excited when a documentary gets a mainstream release.


This is doc is truly fantastic! Glad you’ve given it a shout out.

Small correction: While it may have premiered at Sundance (although I don’t think it was ready) , it didn’t get picked up by TWC until after its’ screening at SXSW — where the ovation blew the roof off. I know this because I was there.


Why is it the crazy whites only come here if a post mentions someone political? Narrow-minded much?


Sergio, I think Ira’s smoking crack! LoL


Ya know, I just knew that Palin trolls would be searching the interenet for any mention of her name since it gives them such a hard-on. That’s why I said what I did.

Now excuse while I go back to selling my crack cocaine (Oops you forget the (“e”) I see you’re a genius like that MILF

“Tens or hundreds of millions” Pardon me while I fall out of my chair laughing


Ira Goldman

You are delusional on SO many levels.

Peace out!!!

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Ira Goldman

Hahahaha! Wal-Mart’s all across the United States and pay-per-view will both soon carry “The Undefeated” and the documentary will almost certainly make tens or hundreds of millions. Organize4Palin is already scheduled to have house parties where the film will be shown to dozens at a time! Next time, write about something you know about, like crack cocain or X-Box!! LOL

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