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Universal Drops Mary Harron’s ‘Wicked Lovely’ After Only 2 Months Of Director Being Attached

Universal Drops Mary Harron's 'Wicked Lovely' After Only 2 Months Of Director Being Attached

Universal continues their year of cleaning house having already put “At The Mountains Of Madness,” “Memphis,” “In The Heights,” “The Dark Tower,” “Clue” and “Ouija” out to pasture, and now yet another project has been given the pink slip.

Variety reports that Mary Harron‘s “Wicked Lovely” has been let go by the studio just two months after Harron was announced to direct. Admittedly, the premise was a bit ridiculous: it is an adaptation of Melissa Marr‘s first entry in a five-book series (franchise!), the story centered on “a young teen named Aislinn, who has seen dangerous faeries her entire life but has managed to survive by adhering to a strict set of rules that have kept her safe…until now. The 17-year-old finds herself torn between a seductive Faery king and the mortal she loves, and she must go against everything she was taught in order to confront a world she was raised to fear.” So yeah…dangerous faeries? No thanks.

It seems there is a major shakeup going on at Universal and after a patchy last couple of years that has seen some high stakes gambles underperform — “Green Zone,” “The Wolfman,” “Robin Hood,” “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” “Your Highness,” “The Dilemma” — so they are likely doing a rethink of their entire development slate.

As for “Wicked Lovely,” producers will be trying to set it up elsewhere so for now, Harron can focus on her next film, the vampire flick “The Moth Diaries,” as it gears up to hit Venice and TIFF.

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I'm sad to hear this.
I know teen fiction romance flicks are bound to get old, and I understand why a company in the current economy would hesitate to go out on a limb with scary fairies.

My hope is that the wonderful story that Mellisa Marr has written will not be pushed aside and forgotten.

The fact is there is nothing in the movie industry quite like this, and to boot there is already a fan-base willing to watch it.
All we loyal fans can do at this point is to show our support for the dream of this fantastic story becoming a film, and hope that if there are enough of us that someone with the capability of making this dream real for us will see that there will be a large amount of benefit for them to do so.

Until then we will console ourselves by reading and rereading our books about our wicked and lovely fae


Wicked Lovely is a great book series. It’s something different than all the vampire or zombie movies that are coming out. So mad to see them let it go. And maybe the person who wrote this should read the book and not trash it!


They were really stupid to let this go. *shakes head* And the author really has no idea what he’s talking about. These books are brilliant. Apparently he and Universal are to narrow minded to comprehend faeries not being small and nice. They can be dangerous and cool.


This so sucks. The book is a brilliant mix of mad faerie romantic scary sexiness. Hope someone smart picks it up soon.

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