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Vivica Fox Talks Role In “Femme Fatales,” Casting Choices, The “Vivica Fox” Brand, New Talk Show…

Vivica Fox Talks Role In "Femme Fatales," Casting Choices, The "Vivica Fox" Brand, New Talk Show...

Recorded at Comic-Con late last month. Shaky camera work, but I actually enjoyed the 13-minute conversation, and even got to know her a little more – especially when she talks about her motivations in the latter half of the recording.

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I think she presented herself in a wonderful light! Great interview.


I loved Vivica’s show “Getting Personal” way back in the day. I thought it was smart comedy starring her, Jon Cryer, Duane Martin and Elliot Gould. It was a good thing happening back black sitcoms were plenteous. I also loved her in Kill Bill and in “Two Can Play That Game”. I actually own it. Thought it was really good. Nope never saw the follow-up.

Fun interview.

I remember her talking once before about producing flicks (straight to dvd) and how lucrative it actually can be. So good for her. I don’t particularly like the term “branding” but I understand it. Just don’t like it. Eh, semantics. Good luck, Viv!


I definitely have to agree with you Micah.


In spite of all of her flaws, I love Vivica! I have a great admiration for how see creates opportunities for herself.

To survive this long in the industry and to be as successful as she is, must have been a great challenge. While see may not be at Sandra Bullock’s status, when you look at her career and how well she does each year, you can see that she is working very hard.

Yes I know she has had her share of not so great roles but she has had some greats also. People could learn a great deal about survival in Hollywood from her.

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