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Warner Bros Starting From Scratch With Next “Green Lantern” Movie; Wants Edgier Film. Any Ideas?

Warner Bros Starting From Scratch With Next "Green Lantern" Movie; Wants Edgier Film. Any Ideas?

In case you don’t already know, another Green Lantern movie is in development, despite the critical drubbing it received, and lackluster box office ($114 million domestic after almost 2 months in release, on a $200 million budget). But the studio plans major changes to the second film – essentially starting over. A reboot I guess we could call it. Too soon?

The Los Angeles Times reports that Warner Bros will revamp the entire franchise, and start from scratch, minus Martin Campbell, who directed the first one. WB President Jeff Robinoy told the Los Angeles Times, “To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…

I read that quote and immediately thought of changes the WB should consider making in order to give the franchise the edge and freshness they seek. I dunno… you have any ideas? :)

*cough* *cough* John Stewart *cough* *Cough*

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come on Hal Jordan was a great green lantern though kyle ryiner is a lot better is what he could build. But the series of comics really didn't start going till Hal Jordan was in the comics.


Edgy – Guy Gardner. Red crew cut – violent – womanizer -drunkard -loves getting in fights. The ring's first choice but Hal was closer.
Stewart wasn't very edgy, he was militaristic due to his background – not very imaginative on his constructs, either. Effective, but not imaginative
Use Lobo as an anti-hero/slash bounty hunter who comes to town to mess with the GL to up his reputation. Or pick one of the bad females – Star Saphires or Boddika – to change the story from male vs male, and don't have a female as the one needing to be saved.


When I first heard they were doing GL I was hoping for john Stewart and an edgy script with more use of cooler constructs. But who to play Stewart?Not f’in Will Smith please!


Hey folks
I grew up with superfriends, transformers, g.i joe, and many other popular franchises and characters that hollywood seem to be killing off with all their remakes or reboots or whatever they want to call it.
I wish filmakers could make films based on strong well developed stories and scripts instead of marketting breakdowns, and research it is evident that audiences are fickel and seldomly can appreciate a well thought out story. Regarding Green lantern Warner Bros should be ashamed of what they released for GL. The story was poorly developed and casting was even worse.


Hal Jordan isn’t a bad choice for the title Green Lantern. Additionally he deals with the most dark turns in the mythology (destruction of Coast City, becoming Parallax, Killing all the Green Lanterns, almost destroying the Earth).

All they need to do is make the villans have more edge. The cloud that we are supposed to dread does nothing really.

The story to go after is have the villan kill someone Jordan cares about in a situation where Jordan could have saved them, then you pursue Jordan dealing with the fear of not being able to save those he cares about.

You could run the 2nd movie not ignoring the first but just letting those events be in the past. Have Sinestro be outed for inciting fear, and then take revenge by a) killing various supporting character or b)destroying Coast City (forget Mongul and Cyborg Superman) Then have Hal kill or attempt to kill in vengance and end with the white hair appearing, laying the ground work for the corruption of Hal Jordan.


John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern, I still watch the JL/JLU animated series on DVD and I’d love to see them use him in a movie, even if it’s just one. A great actor like Chiwetel Ejiofor should play him.


Besides the lackluster script and acting, what really hurt “Green Lantern” were the subpar CGI effects. As much money as the studio spent in that department, it shouldn’t have looked so terrible. And while I like Ryan Reynolds in certain roles, he is NOT Hal Jordan. They needed someone a little older, with some gravitas.

Bruce Timm and Co. did such an amazing job with John Stewart in the “Justice League” cartoon series, that is the Green Lantern a lot of people want to see.

other song

wait a sec: Didn’t this movie bomb something serious?

I don’t get this at all. We keep hearing about how Hollywood can’t make certain movies because it’s hard to raise money and be certain it will be made back. So no to original stories that might push the edge. No to more ethnic focused movies because we’re not sure we can recoup.

We keep hearing that if audiences want better movies, they have to vote with their dollar.

I’m pretty sure the audience said: ‘we don’t care for Green Lantern’. They didn’t show up and hence the flop. That’s a resounding vote.

So WHY is this movie going to be rebooted?

Ultimately, this just shows that certain studios will make whatever the hell they want to make. It has nothing to do with what the public wants.

So next time studios complain about tight resources and how they can’t make a Black Panther film or redo Spawn or whatever more unique film, just recognize that it’s just bullshit talking.


I do think Stewart’s popularity is being overestimated here, but I think current audiences are just as clueless about Jordan. If they make a half decent film, they’ll watch any damn Lantern.

Adam Scott Thompson

Unless he’s played by Will Smith, white audiences won’t turn out to see a black Green Lantern. Barack Obama is the biggest superhero in America right, and they don’t even want him back for a sequel.


I dont understand why they didn’t go with Stewart from the get go. A lot of folks who are familiar with JLA and JLU only knew Stewart as GL.

And that is DC’s fault. Dwayen MCDuffie-who created the series wanted to use another black hero-Black Lighting. However DC refused and since Cyborg was not an option. John Stewart was the one.

Interesting enough he wasn’t even active in DC when the series started,

Sad thing is the movie flopped and even the stores know it. I have seen GL movie toys on clearance at many stores. For 90% off the original price.

They could have bought in John. Just start the mvioe with Hal quitting and John taking over.


Not sure if I’m liking the idea that the color of a character’s skin makes them “edgy”.


@Vuchus, I know all about Green Lantern. I know Jordan isnt the first. I know about Alan Scott, guy gardner. I read comic books. Im an editor on a comic book movie website. But the fact still remains that John Stewart is the money making Green Lantern as far as TV and familiarity is concerned. They failed with jordan and casting reynolds. Green Lantern as a concept is no different than a man being frozen in ice for over 70 years or Asgardian warriors. They didn’t think it through.


AfroStyling Hal Jordan was first (well, second, but nobody’s gonna see an Alan Scott movie). Without Hal Jordan’s story, you don’t have John Stweart’s story.

Here’s an idea: be good enough that I want to go to the theater to see your movie. That’s my professional opinion. Now pay me!


√ Idris Alba would be perfect.


I dont understand why they didn’t go with Stewart from the get go. A lot of folks who are familiar with JLA and JLU only knew Stewart as GL. Only the fan boys were gaga over the choice of Hal Jordan. That was a major complaint. They need to go with Stewart. At least they got rid of Campbell.


@Tambay-Seconded :-D

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