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Watch: 3 Clips From Sarah Polley’s ‘Take This Waltz’ With Michelle Williams & Seth Rogen

Watch: 3 Clips From Sarah Polley's 'Take This Waltz' With Michelle Williams & Seth Rogen

As far as breakout directorial efforts by young actors go, Sarah Polley‘s moving and beautiful “Away From Her” is about as good they get. Based on a short story by Alice Munro, the film chronicled the effects of Alzheimer’s on the relationship of an elderly couple with the maturity and grace of a director far beyond the (at the time) 27-year-old Polley. Now five years later, and into her early 30s, Polley returns behind the camera this time for a story about characters her own age.

Take This Waltz” rounds up a great cast and tells the story of a young Toronto married couple, played by Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, who struggle with monogamy and fidelity, as the former is torn between her husband and a new man. Sarah Silverman and relative newcomer Luke Kirby also feature in the film which shot on location, and judging by these first clips, looks like another winner from Polley. The first clip plays like your standard rom-com, but it’s in the second and third clips where the nuance and deeper notes come to the fore. Silverman looks solid in what seems like a great change of pace for the comedian, while it’s the final clip that is a true winner, reminding us both of Douglas Sirk and Wong Kar-Wai all at once, with it’s beautiful color palette (noticeable in all the clips) and woozy emotional tenor. So yes, this is definitely living up to the high expectations we have for the picture.

The film premieres at TIFF in September. Check out the clips below. [via Awards Daily]

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Jim Peter

How do I buy a DVD?


Michelle Williams is talented , but she always gives the same performances since ” Dawson Creek ” . She is always sullen, passive agressive , weak, insecure, and unbearable to watch. Williams desperately needs to try something different.


Hey, what kind of reaction were you hoping for posting that on this site? I guess just a lot of spiffing and head shaking which I’m contributing to. Basically, if you think this after seeing her in Brokeback Mountain and Blue Valentine, you don’t know a whole lot about what makes for a good acting performance. Or you just have so much trouble looking past her “dead busted grill”–i don’t even know what that means–you can’t recognize her talent. Oh well.


Agreeing with Mr. Jagernauth. Just read the script (finally) and, between that and the clips/trailer, I certainly look forward to this.

As for the troll who doesn’t like Michelle Williams, you’re free to write what you want ANNNND using “critical community” while spouting your own baseless opinion isn’t a critique at all. Just “hateration” on a wonderful, brave actress who chooses and does intricate work. A bit too mature for you I guess.


gee, you really like Sarah don’t you? Because you’re giving her the Oscar for less than 3 minutes of film here or is it because of her previous work?!


Can people please stop casting Michelle Williams? She is the worst. She’s a lousy actress, she has no personality, no presence, no charisma, and her grill is dead busted. Really, truly don’t understand the love given this idiot by the critical community.


this will be great.

Smart Eddie

We are liking your indelible intelligence and smartness beyond compare. You are heart and brain, indiewire man.


it’s Take THIS Waltz

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