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Watch Behind the Scenes Video of Tyler Perry’s “I, Alex Cross” Filming in Ohio

Watch Behind the Scenes Video of Tyler Perry's "I, Alex Cross" Filming in Ohio

Following up to Tambay‘s post in June; here’s the first behind-the-scenes look at Tyler Perry in I, Alex Cross, courtesy of Cleveland’s News Net 5

Filming took place Tuesday night at the Warehouse District at XO Steakhouse in Cleveland, OH. I, Alex Cross, based on James Patterson’s best-selling book series about a Washington D.C. detective on the hunt for a serial murderer, is directed by Rob Cohen and stars Perry, Matthew Fox, Ed Burns and Jean Reno. The film is set for release sometime next year.

Here you go. Excited?

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Carol Chapman

Wow! Let’s be real. The original Alex Cross played by
Morgan Freeman. Let me tell u his looks were not leading man material for his time. IT was his strong presense of the character. His voice and stature.
This is why they chose Tyler over Idris. Tyler is what
6feet 5 or 6 feet6 in height. Baritone Voice is strong?
He did a excellent job for his cameo in STAR FLEET.
Laurence Fishburne would have been another choice as well. But he was filming another movie as well which is due out next weekend? With a big star cast.
He’s also in CSI Mode. I have never read so much hatred for one man for no reason. Why? Why this Tyler Perry? All this crap about Coonery on film? This tearing down a person and degrading them online is whats coonery. Coonery, to treat one another badly .
How’s this good for our SO CALL INMAGE as a People.

Dankwa Brooks

Gee whiz. I’m a fan of Tyler Perry’s work for what it is…entertainment. Is he a great filmmaker? No, but I appreciate his power moves and again I enjoy his work for the most part. I thought ‘Harlem Nights’ sucked before I studied film, but I snapped up a recent $5 DVD at Walmart for what it represented a few funny lines and 3 generations of black comedy onscreen. Will I be buying the Blu-ray if there ever was one? Probably not, but I’d rather own that than something like ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’.

Back to Perry, I also don’t think he’s a horrible actor, I’ve studied acting (as a director) and I’ve seen far worse. Turn on any daytime soap (the ones that are left) and you can see some. I know many don’t find him “masculine”, but homeboy is a big dude, if Big Bird roll up on you with a menacing scowl I’d bet you would believe it. “Yo dog…err bird what you need?” If I can buy Tom Cruise as an action star, surely I can buy Tyler Perry. It’s not Shakespeare. Given a good convincing trailer, I’m willing to give it a chance IN THEATERS.


Obviously Idris Elba is seen as a huge risk BECAUSE he has NOT proven himself at the box office! The biggest film Elba has appeared in is Beyonce’s flick Obsessed in 2009 and he wasn’t even the lead. I get that people like Idris Elba but I am not convinced he is leading man material. Elba is just not right for the part due to box office potential and Tyler Perry is more famous than Elba everyone knows this.

I also think it was tacky of Elba to attack Tyler Perry in the media even though Tyler gave the guy a role in his movie Daddy’s Little Girls. Maybe Idris Elba isn’t as nice as people make him out to be? Tyler Perry helped Idris and yet the guy bashes him in the press not cool!


I’m going to see the movie, just for the hell of it. I am serious. You know I would really enjoy the movie more if I was a dude, got drunk and came with a group of rowdy guys.

But that is the spirit in which I am going to watch the film. I won’t pay for though. I’ll wait for it for Netflix or something.

IMO this stunt casting at it’s finest (or worst -depends on your perspective.) I look at the choice of Tyler Perry and I say to myself, yeah that’s why those actors who come from the “Brit school of acting” are kicking butts over here.

And you know what actors came to mind, Gary Oldman, Tom Wilkinson, the late Heath Ledger, Karl Urban, etcetera etcetera.

And it is in that spirit I look at the other up and coming Black Brit male actors who are over here kicking butts.

When studio want to create movies for pure box office receipts, they get the Justin Timberlakes, Tyler Perrys, any rapper you want to name, Miley Cyruses, and Will Smiths (and no I don’t think he is a good actor because he always looks like he as acting rather than being). Or they get the white breads like Ryan Reynolds. (off topic –is Kevin Spacey really a good actor? his acting is so damn irritating to me)

But if they want some serious chops they go to the lads, blokes, and chaps from oversees to do the real ass-whipping.

I’m going “round robin” to say that Idris is a far, let me repeat that, a far superior actor than Tyler. (Are we really comparing the two?). And this trend of stunt casting is straight up Hollywood and it’s not limited to us. And IMO for economic reasons, it is going to get a lot worse.

And no Tyler Perry does not have the acting chops nor skill sets to do anything outside of his TP stuff. Let’s stop with the self delusions.

(PS I know that there are great under utilized American actors (i.e Fishburne, Jeffrey Wright) but they seem to be doing more stage and/or television.)


Orville I live overseas and work in film. The producer of this movie talked about int’l box office which is why casting TP made no sense.

Tyler Perry is not known overseas period. Idris had billboards up all over Italy for LUTHER. THE WIRE and LUTHER are syndicated world wide. TP movies and TV shows are not.

TP is the wrong physicality for this role. Will it be a hit? Maybe TP fans will come out and support. It’s hard to say. The non-Madea movies makes less and this is not a Christian or faith based movie.

Alex Cross fans are not feeling this at all. We’ll see what happens.


‘mriding with Orville. the average moviegoer would pick Ryan Seacrest over Idris- who? Give up the ghost y’all, you can talk Idris up and talk Tyler down, but the proof is in the pudding and their resumes.

Stay in the fight Orville, don’t let that old guy up in the balcony scare you. He has been upset every since they canceled Jim Henson’s Muppert Show, and he’s missing his partner Waldorf. :-)


Elba left the project when the orginal director David Twohy (who directed Pitch Black and the Cronicles of Riddick and wold have done a much better job on this film than a hack like Rob Cohen) ) left the project after a falling out with the production company QED. Without question Elba is more suited for the role than Perry (unless there’s a scene where Cross disguises himself in drag) They got Perry because Denzel and Will are too expensive for the film’s $30 million budget

But then you’re that young punk who thinks Elba at 40 is “too old”, to use your words. Evidently you think anyone over the age of 18 should be put in concentration camps


Can people please give me a break what movie has Idris Elba ever had in a movie? How is Idris Elba a box office draw? Idris is an overrated British actor and he’s not even the most successful black British actor at the moment. Naomie Harris is a bigger star than Idris and she’s getting high profile mainstream roles.

Luther and The Wire are television shows and NOT movies. Tyler Perry is a star regardless of what the haters on this board think.
Tyler is trying to expand his horizons and show he has range.
The studio and the writer of the Alex Cross series wanted Tyler and NOT Idris Elba. Idris Elba gets a lot of ink on this site but there is nothing about that guy that says he’s that great an actor. Tyler Perry already has box office power his movies are very successful.

I can see why the studio decided NOT to take on Idris because he has not proven he has the box office power to become a leading man.

Notice I said movie and not television show. The biggest film I seen Idris in was Beyonce’s flick Obsessed two years ago and everyone knows Beyonce was the real star for that movie and not Idris Elba.


I think Shaynetta (if there actually is such a name which I doubt) is pulling our leg

…or she’s completely clueless


I’m serious but forgive for looking desperate dam.


Hey you “Negros” don’t know taste but he is a very good-lookin man Tyler can we date?


I’ve grown quite fun of you over the years you are such a beautiful man. I think you are very handsome and gorgeous you are beautiful.


Shaynetta Spikes, Are you serious? Lol. You must be joking.

I thought it was Mike Tyson for a good 4 seconds! I started to question the video but then I saw Tyler Perry’s face. Lmao @ toilet paper!

marie cummings

God Bless you!


Uh oh the TP (not Toilet Paper) brigade is out in full force. Ultimately it’s up to the James Patterson/Alex Cross fans to give the definitive answer as to Tyler’s suitability.

Rob Lo

@Darkan Please list your credits, so I can become familiar with your work. Were you ever cast as a lead?


@Adam Scott Thompson You sound a little bitter! Were you denied the part? What your last box office hit? If any? Do you even have a fan base?


I am going to give it a chance. I refuse to belittle myself and call this man out of his name.



He is not a leading man. He doesn’t have an overseas fan base (unlike Idris). I do not understand this casting decision at all.

Adam Scott Thompson

He looks like Alex Cross played by Tyler Perry played by Laurence Fishburne’s stunt double.

And I don’t know what the joke was, but his coon was on least a thousand watts.

Shaynetta Spikes

I Love looking at you and you are so handsome.


I just can’t… sorry…

It STILL should have been Idris


Nothing about that man screams leading man… Nothing about that man screams attractive… I thought he said he was getting ready for the role? Looks the same to me. God bless him and his confidence. More than likely he’ll hit hard at the box-office due to his Madea fanbase and the few, left wing liberal white women he picked up as fans from the Oprah show. SMDH.

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