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Watch: Captain America Is A Lawyer With A Drug Problem In ‘Puncture’

Watch: Captain America Is A Lawyer With A Drug Problem In 'Puncture'

Chris Evans has always flirted with stardom but this summer he finally nailed it down, leading “Captain America: The First Avenger” to some major box office bucks while also showing he can easily handle a tentpole lead with charm and charisma to spare. He’s got “The Avengers” next summer, and while he considers his non-superhero next options — which include “Motor City” with Albert Hughes and the long-gestating Doug Liman moon movie “Luna” — he’s got an indie flick coming out that should remind folks that Evans is more than just a pretty face.

Clearly shot as the actor was getting buffed up to play Steve Rogers, “Puncture” stars Evans as a lawyer who decides to take on the case of the one-stick syringe — a game changing development for the medical industry that curiously, no medical professionals wanted to take on. The twist? He’s a drug addict! This may seem contrived, but in actuality, it’s based on a true story. Directed by Adam and Mark Kassen — making their first feature film — the films looks involving if not particularly inspired. Indeed, when we caught the film at Tribeca earlier this year we said, it eventually “gives way to monologues and over-dramatic line readings and it becomes less of a Big Issues film and more like Lucas Lee’s Oscar reel.” And yeah, given the trailer, we can see that. If anything, “Puncture” makes us ask: where is Vinessa Shaw these days? Talk about an actress who definitely needs to get on more studio lists. Has it really been three years since we saw her in “Two Lovers“?

Anyway, “Puncture” opens on September 23rd. See Captain America get lawyerly below. [via Awards Daily]

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The film poster could have done without the word “PLAYBOY”. It’s such a sexist term. Women are skanks and hos and men are players, pimp, and playboys. Spare me the same old dribble. This 2011.

If the character Chris Evans is portraying is promiscuous just say so and be honest. No need to double standard it. He’s a manslut, a manho, or as they say on Jersey Shore an ‘std stick’.


I agree with Jen and KT. I just don’t consider Evans a movie star. He is alright in ensemble projects, but I don’t really like him as the lead actor. As for charisma, I agree with Jen again. He really has none. He just comes off rather boring and unappealing.


The haterade flows.
Evans is very under-rated. He’s been in some poor movies, but he’s usually the best thing about them.
He proved he was more than just a charismatic Smart Alec in Sunshine.
He absolutely nailed down the part of Steve Rogers.
He’s absolutely the guy to watch.
So watch.


I gotta agree with “Jen”… Evans is a movie-workhorse, not a movie star.

He’ll faintly be remembered as an actor who played Captain America even though his performance won’t be.


Wow, you really think this guy has any charisma? He’s just like a boring walking brick to me.

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