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Watch Dave Chappelle Explain His Erratic Behavior. Do You Buy It?

Watch Dave Chappelle Explain His Erratic Behavior. Do You Buy It?

Dave Chappelle is no stranger to odd behavior lately. Here’s a clip of him at a San Francisco radio station giving his explanation of recent failed performance. Do you buy it?

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I was there and I wish I could confirm what Dave was saying on that video but it is simply untrue. No one was heckling him and no one made a peep until *after* Dave went silent.
It was so akward that at one point people were literally yelling and begging him to tell a jokes or at least talk to us.
I attended with my wife to be. Myself and everyone in attendance paid a lot of money to be there. It was supposed to be the highlight of the weekend.
It was weird, the only reason we started to clapfor him was out of pity, to let him know we were on his side and to encourage him to continue (which he never did).
He was just rude. David openly checked his texts at least 3 times during the awkward silence. He kept apologizing but never got on track. All he did accomplish was unnecessarily going back and forth with some random heckler. He completely ignored the thousands that came for a show and were pleading for him to speak.
CNN’s Roland Martin was in attendance and actually Tweeted his way through the fiasco. Google it to hear his P.O.V

Dave simply was not all there that night….


I believe him. Dave isn’t trying to convince anyone of anything with this interview. I’d say a few comedians are more on edge after the Tracey Morgan thing.

Now if you want to talk about crazy, let’s not forget Martin Lawrence’s antics. Of course back then they said he hadn’t taken his psych medication. Could’ve been drugs. Chappelle hasn’t gotten that crazy… yet.

However, I secretly feel he may be dealing with a bit of stage fright or performance anxiety. Give into it once and it’s difficult to ignore.


Raised eyebrow @ Supra

“It’s so funny how people continue to COP PLEAS for Dave”

Excuse me, continue to cop a plea for the man? Please, we’re not coping a plea for him, we’re evaluating the situation without preconceived judgment. And what!? You’re comparing him and his situation to Kat William’s. SMH, that makes no sense at all.
And you said “Lets be REAL folks” .

Okay, lets start right there. You also said “what kind of SEASONED professional comedian and actor gets stagefright or spooked by ONE heckler during a paid gig??”

Excuse Me Miss Supra, je crois que tu n’es pas être réel. Ses paroles étaient …

I heard.. “Then the whole front row started heckling me. You can’t expect me to perform here. There has to be a little bit of cooperation” They were part of the “establishment” He said it was a charity show, and he didn’t want to step on that event.

I don’t know if you’ve oerformed on stage but even seasoned professonals have their boundries. Get on stage in a one person show and then you can talk about something you know. And comedy (b/c of timing) is almost impossible to perform if the heckling is loud and constant and directly in front of the comic.

So c’mon girl, lets talk turkey. So this was Alonzo Mourning’s annual charity event. This is a LEGIT event, not some fly-by-night FunkyFinger Production? SOOOOOOO! So what? What does that have to do with the behavior of the crowd and lacks security? Drunk loud fools can be found at most any major events. Besides, I wouldn’t view Alonzo Mourning as a choir boy, nor the biggest event in town. He’s just an ex-basketball player… and we all know about their “reputations” off the court

“The hosts are what radio hosts do”

Really? And that’s a big bag of chips.

The Ohio jokes were just plan ignorant… not funny nor clever. What type of uninformed fool believes that people in Ohio have less money or are some type of hilly-billy idiots?

Listen at the 1:53 mark, and THEN lets be for real-for real.


NOT buying it this time. Nope.
It’s so funny how people continue to COP PLEAS for Dave.
At this point he has as many questionable “episodes” as Katt Williams. He is a comedic genius but why does everyone KEEP making excuses for this guy??
We have deified Dave to be some fragile soul and sensitive anti-corporate artist due to his Comedy central departure/breakdown: Lets be REAL folks, what kind of SEASONED professional comedian and actor gets stagefright or spooked by ONE heckler during a paid gig??
This was Alonzo Mourning’s annual charity event. This is a LEGIT event, not some fly-by-night FunkyFinger Production.
Even his “explanations” for the nutty behavior are Kooky! Native Americans..? what??

I’m beginning to believe those old rumors that Dave is/was on that “ooooowweeeee”


I don’t see anything peculiar with the hosts or Dave in this interview. The hosts are what radio hosts do. The questions aren’t dumb or disrespectful and Dave doesn’t seem to be trying to get us to buy anything – THEY’RE ALL JUST TALKING. Is this the wrong clip?

other song

wow at those radio hosts.

It just goes to show you that radio hosting is an art; not everyone can do it properly. Here is Chappelle’s first interview in 5 years, and this is how the hosts drop the ball?! With their grating dumbass questions?

I’m one of those anything-Chappelle-and-I’m-checking-it people. And I won’t even forward this boring interview.


there is a saying… “what leaves the heart will find anothers”. There’s nothing fake about Dave Chappelle and try as someone may, they would be hard press NOT to see and feel the sincerity in his words.

I could feel his honesty, straight-up-ness and his sense of responsibilty, as it was expressed in his defense of his new city (state) and his sincere resistence to follow the lead of those two jerks-ass wanna-be Howard Sterns.

I’ll tell you what I also felt. To some degree, I think Dave wanted to go off on the (big shots) behind the charity(for hanging him out). I kept feeling like he didn’t because it was a charity so he left well enough – alone.


He seems very uncomfortable and definitely distrustful of any media types interviewing him. I’m almost uncomfortable watching this because I can feel the tension, but uh I’m not sure what happened at the show the other week, but Dave definitely seems like he’s sensitive to his audience’s opinion of him. Not saying he’s soft or anything. But remember he left Chappelle’s Show because he thought his audience was laughing at him and not with him. And now when the front row started heckling him he kind of shut down and stopped doing the show.


Yes, I believe him. For some reason, Dave just seems like a truly honest dude. I don’t know. I didn’t get any lying vibe from him. The story made sense to me. (Unfortunately, the djs are annoying jerks.)


Yes I do, Dave gives it straight. Take it or leave it.

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