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Watch Episode 3 Of New Documentary Web Series “Black Folks Don’t” (“Black Folk Don’t Travel”)

Watch Episode 3 Of New Documentary Web Series "Black Folks Don't" ("Black Folk Don't Travel")

Here’s the just-released episode 3 of documentary filmmaker Angela Tucker’s Black Folk Don’t web series; this one is titled Black Folk Don’t: Travel.

It would maybe make for a good companion piece to Sergio’s post about there not being a significant African American presence at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as my post on films centered on black Americans in Africa (which I really should repost).

I embedded both episode 1 (Black Folk Don’t: Tip) and episode 2 (Black Folk Don’t Do Therapy) as well, so check them out if you haven’t.

Here’s episode 3 (watch the first 2 episodes HERE if you missed them):

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I love this webseries but hate the fact it isn’t on youtube. Can’t even properly share this on Facebook thanks to the awful player used for embedding which wants to have access to my Facebook info.

With regards to the episode, I think there’s some truth to it. I’m from Europe myself but hardly traveled anywhere basically due to my financial situation when growing up. Again, i think ths is more of a class issue. If you belong to the upperclass of black folk you probably traveled more and further than black folk of lower economic class.


The 3 episodes I watched here about Black Folks Dont, left me wanting more. I enjoyed the sincerity, their art of conversation, strong sence of self, and I look forward to hearing them speak more. If I could, i would love to go to Egypt with the lady in the green sweater, only to experience the adventure together with her for the first time as well, because its nice to appreciate and discover things with others, and she seems like a person who discovery and adventure would be perfect to experience all that with.

Donnie Leapheart

This seems interesting…Unfortunately my browser/computer doesn’t seem to like the video player for some reason. Can’t play the episodes of this show. As for the topic: America is the greatest country on Earth…no need to travel anywhere, lol. Seriously though, every time I leave the country I’m always glad to return back to the States.

Angela Tucker

Thanks so so much for posting these episodes. The support has been aamzing! Truly a blessing. Oh and please repost the piece about black Americans in Africa. Would love to read it!

Rhae Seals

Also, Yolonda Ross, get yourself to Egypt. There very well was definitely something there, that taught me A LOT about me. I think it is one place, not just history, where black people/african AMERICANS should experience.

I was asked when I was there, “why, what brought you-a black american to a place like Egypt?” My reply was short and simple, then. I was there for a year and the answer became much more elaborate and also, response that I had not felt until I lived there longer.

My love for film, is hard to explain. And I never seriously thought about ever doing anything with that love. Anyway, still amazing (all three webseries). I second Jamila, added to the list.

Rhae Seals

These are beautiful, just because of the dialogue (1) and also to even possibly broaden the knowledge of folk.

Thank You Shadow and Act, thank you Angela Tucker.

I am moved.


Love this and the discussion it stirs up. Will definitely add this series to my must-watch list. Thank you Shadow & Act.

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