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Watch: International Trailer Provides First Look At Lynne Ramsay’s ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’

Watch: International Trailer Provides First Look At Lynne Ramsay's 'We Need To Talk About Kevin'

You know how we know that 2011 is a good year for cinema, despite the shocking dearth of decent movies in its first seven months? Because we got Lynne Ramsay back. The British director made a storming debut with “Ratcatcher” in 1999, and went on to make one of the best films of the aughts with “Morvern Callar,” but almost a decade has passed since, with Ramsay spending much of the time developing her take on “The Lovely Bones,” only to be chucked off when Peter Jackson decided he wanted to make it — and we all know how that turned out.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival saw Ramsay return in force with “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” an adaptation of the unlikely best-seller from Lionel Shriver about a mother’s difficult relationship with her sociopathic son. The film picked up strong notices at the festival — James Rocchi’s review for us called it “fascinating and chilling” — and our anticipation has only increased as a result, aided by the few brief clips from the film that arrived.

But the first proper trailer has arrived, a French teaser, and it continues to suggest that Ramsay’s skills haven’t waned in her time away: it’s beautifully shot, and showcases what promises to be another tour-de-force performance from Tilda Swinton. We also get our first real look at John C. Reilly, who plays Kevin’s father, and “Afterschool” star Ezra Miller, who plays Kevin himself (he’s been called the film’s weakest link in some reviews, overplaying the psychotic quality of the character, but we’re prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment.)

As the trailer suggests, it’ll open first in France on September 28th, before hitting the U.K. on October 21st, and the U.S, courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories, on December 2nd, and we’re sure that Swinton at least will be a major player in the awards season as a result. Watch the trailer below. [via ONTD/Movielicious]

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JD Snuggs


Hopefully, Oscilloscope can do a better job. The trailer lost steam and played what it’s about too mysteriously. I get that the book sold well, especially outside the US, but the trailer is rather forgettable and doesn’t do well enough to sell you on the movie.

But I’m there anyway. Morvern Callar bought Ramsey a lifetime pass.


Wondering why/how people really know how to judge whether or not an actor is overplaying the psychotic aspects of a character? I haven’t read this book, but from what I gather, he shoots up his school so even if he has the ability to blend in and act normal, I would think that genuinely scary psychotic character traits are bound to come to the surface.
And Lynne Ramsay is a hell of a director and Ezra Miller may be young but he’s already an experienced, talented and diverse actor so I’m thinking she’s giving him the proper direction and he’s playing it right.

Of course, again, I haven’t read the book and all I saw of the film was this trailer, but just wondering in theory how a critic judges a performance like his.

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