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Watch: Jay-Z & Kanye West Drive Recklessly, Set Off Fireworks In Spike Jonze Directed “Otis”

Watch: Jay-Z & Kanye West Drive Recklessly, Set Off Fireworks In Spike Jonze Directed "Otis"

Also, Aziz Ansari Is There Too For Some Reason

In case you feel off the planet Earth this week, you might have heard that Jay-Z and Kanye West released a new collaborative album under their new namesake The Throne. Entitled appropriately Watch The Throne you may have also heard that the album is what the kids like to call “shit hot.” Well, as was reported not too long ago, Yeezy called up his old pal Spike Jonze to direct the video for the lead single “Otis” and frankly, it looks like they had a fucking blast making it.

Infused with kind of loose, juvenile delinquent vibe that Jonze brought to his collaborations with the Beastie Boys, the concept of this one is pretty simple. Torch and gut a car until it looks like something from “Death Race,” pile some hot women into and then just joyride like crazy. Done. But that’s not all. For whatever reason Aziz Ansari is there too, randomly and awkwardly dancing. We’d guess after turning his first visit to Kanye’s house into a pretty funny standup bit, Yeezy was still cool with him. There is also some fireworks-out-of-industrial-barrels stuff that feels a little too reminiscent to Feist‘s “I Feel It All” video but it’s also pretty brief.

All in all, it’s nice to see Yeezy and Hova having a fun especially since they can both come off a bit self serious. Check out the video below via MTV.

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Guess when you are black its one strike and you are out. Dude made one mistake and apologized. Get over it.


@meh just stop ok


God, so fucking great.


tom haverford, bitches.


I hear people saying that a lot these days whenever there’s indulgent music or movies or entertainment of some sort and personally I think that’s bullshit.

Just because there are problems in the world (and there are plenty right now) doesn’t mean nobody is allowed to enjoy themselves. It would be a joyless fucking world if people weren’t allowed to relax and take joy in something as clearly uninhibited and fun as this video.

Also, make the argument all you want that these two men are wasting their money and should be giving it all to charities, but honestly, that’s also crap. Both of them give tons of money to charity (inner city schools and rebuilding parts of their home towns). Obviously they could give more, but then again, you and I and everyone else on this site everyday could also sell their laptops and give that money to starving children in Africa but we don’t.


with all the chaos in the world these clowns should retire in shame


Great video. The fireworks aren’t actually coming out of industrial barrels. I don’t really think it’s similar to that video at all apart from the fact that there are fireworks. They’re actually used as a prop in Feist’s video, whereas they are merely background imagery in here.

Aziz’s gangsta dancing in this is hard to watch, but hilarious.


What a waste of maybach… didnt even look that cool. pretty boring video, song is ok though


Guess I’m not alone in the Kayne is Insufferable club

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