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Watch: New ‘Immortals’ Loudly Tries To Convince You To See The Movie

Watch: New 'Immortals' Loudly Tries To Convince You To See The Movie

Man, we hope that along with the 3D glasses we’re getting some earplugs, because if the finished product is anything like the new trailer for “Immortals,” this thing is gonna be loud.

This latest spot for the Tarsem directed movie about bronzed men who are able to throw and shoot things with great accuracy over long distances, begins with the rare moment of a film title appearing before the studio logo, followed by a fairly tepid and thankfully brief voice-over that explains to us about the war in the heavens or whatever. From there, it’s non-stop speed-ramping, shouting, rock music and guys who… leave… dramatic… pauses… between… every… word… of… dialogue. And oh hey! There’s Stephen Dorff! Anyway, our man in the U.K. caught some advance footage from the film at Empire Big Screen over the weekend and quite candidly called it “kind of a train wreck” describing it as “cartoonishly gory” and with performances that are “awful; lifeless and airless.” And all of that seems to be confirmed here, to be honest.

Starring Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, Kellan Lutz, Luke Evans, John Hurt and Isabel Lucas, the film follows the story of warrior prince Theseus (Cavill) as he leads men and gods alike into battle against titans in order to save mankind. It opens on November 11th, but you might get the same effect just staying at home and playing “God Of War.” Trailer below.

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Mr Anonymous

This can’t be as bad as Conan surely?!?! The pedigree of directer and cast has surely got to elevate it from beyond the grave. My fingers are crossed it pulls something out of the bag!


John Hurt has the perfect voice for voiceovers. I don’t get what the snarky title is about either. Isn’t that the point of trailer: to get you to want to watch the movie? I think it looks cool with some awesome action. Can’t wait!

Monty Python

looks like 300. oh wait. looks all bronzy. cant be that bad. tarsem cant shoot acting , but that guy has a kickass aesthetic. for real. acting and dialogue delivery = zero. visual=yep, promising.


What is wrong with you alll? this *LOOKS killer anything better than the shit which is coming out/!!! yep!!!


Hmm…isn’t that the purpose of every single trailer? To try to convince you to watch the movie? :/

Hut the Hutt

Crying from laughter at Cavill’s bad acting.

Then the fanboys remember his next role is Superman and they start crying hard again.LOL.

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