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Watch: New ‘Red Tails’ Trailer Shows Off Spectacular Action, Wooden Acting

Watch: New 'Red Tails' Trailer Shows Off Spectacular Action, Wooden Acting

We’ll say this about George Lucas: If you have him helping you out with action scenes and special effects, there is probably no better guy in the business to have your back. So it’s not too surprising the aerial battles in the forthcoming “Red Tails” — directed by Anthony Hemingway and produced by George Lucas who has been shepherding the project for years — are damned impressive. Everything else? Not so much.

MTV has dropped the newest trailer for the film and while it begins with very stiff acting (Terrence Howard has no idea what to do with the uninspired dialogue he is given) that sets up the premise, the rest of the footage is mostly dedicated to watching shit get blown and/or guys yelling “Woo!” in the cockpit over and over. So yeah, expect a lot of war movie clichés here, but certainly not without some razzle dazzle in the skies as the Tuskegee Airmen deliver some swift justice to German warplanes. Overall, it looks like a respectful based-on-a-true-story that is almost too careful not to take any chances with a genre that is already well worn.

Joining Howard in the film is a huge cast including NeYo, David Oyelowo, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bryan Cranston, Method Man, Stacie Davis and many, many more. Terrence Blanchard provides the score, and the film flies into theaters on January 20th. Check out the trailer and pretty nice new poster below.

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Those fighter planes look wickedly awesome.


It’s about time. This movie has been in the works for it seems ages. Just saw a tribute to the real Tuskegee airmen in palmsprings. There story is inspiring. Hope the movie does them justice.


those aerial battle scenes look stunning!! Been awhile since we had a really good war movie come out. Can’t wait to see this one


What kind of stupid asswipe would judge acting from a trailer? Are you to stupid to realize that dialogue in a trailer is usually cut up, out of place, and disjointed?

Wait for the movie dumbass? Or don’t! Like I give a shit.


But let’s give the shitty The Amigo a good review

Simon Pigg

This is Cuba Gooding Jr.’s first non-straight to DVD film since American Gangster (2007). I hope it’s not his last.


well if it ain’t broke…

this does look like fun, STUPID, but fun…

smart move

everything else not so much?

not even Bryan “the new Gosling” Cranston?

between this, “Total Recall,” and “Rock of Ages” he is unstoppable!

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