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Watch: New TV Spot For ‘Drive’; Bryan Cranston Turned Down ‘X-Men: First Class’ To Do The Film

Watch: New TV Spot For 'Drive'; Bryan Cranston Turned Down 'X-Men: First Class' To Do The Film

New U.K. Quad Poster Too

Update: A new U.S. poster for “Drive” has arrived, check it out below via IMPA.

So here’s a little round of up of “Drive” bits and bobs for you. You already know the general outlay: it’s directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, it stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks and Oscar Issac and it’s about a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver-for-hire and gets mixed up with dangerous dudes. Also, by most accounts, it fucking rules.

So with the release now just about a month away, here’s a new TV spot with some very brief glimpses of new stuff, a pretty badass U.K. quad poster and this intriguing bit of info. Bryan Cranston, who seems to have a shoehorn up his ass for fantastic projects, isn’t just benefitting from being a great actor paired up with a savvy agent. Nope, the actor has a fine nose for quality himself which is probably what happens after spending seven seasons on “Malcolm In The Middle.” During a recent interview with press, Cranston revealed that he had been intially offered Sebastian Shawn in “X-Men: First Class” at the same time as “Drive” and after reading both scripts, he chose the auteur driven genre flick over the big budget tentpole.

“They offered it to Kevin [Bacon] and they offered me a different role in it,” Cranston said. “At the same time I read ‘Drive’ and I went, ‘Oh, this is what I’d rather do,’ and I turned down ‘X-Men’ for the role in Drive because I just liked the character better, much better.” Smart play, Cranston, smart play. “Drive” hits TIFF and then open on September 16th. If you need any more convincing to see the film, watch the below. [CinemaBlend/RecentMoviePosters]

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The Michael Pena fan from the other day updated their moniker? Who knew?

Smart play, Cranston, smart play

Then again, unless the film is an obscure French art film about struggling wineries or something of equal high art, I usually just take a shit on it. My rule of thumb is that if a film isn’t an insufferable mess that only the most elitist pricks enjoy, I will no doubt hate it because I’m the kind of person who finds no joy in anything unless I’m the only one doing the liking. I’m pretty much the worst thing since AIDS.

Tom Logan

He don’t half look like Peter Mullan in that pic.

Smart play, Cranston, smart play

hey Franny, I didn’t say he was garbage, I said I’m surprised a guy with so much buzz (from the TV show you are referring to) could be ATTACHED to so much garbage.

And yes, “John Carter” counts. Have you seen the trailer for that? it looks awful and stars the guy who played Gambit in the wolverine movie who can’t act at all. And no, getting a guy from Pixar to direct it doesn’t make it good like all the film blog nerds would have you believe (sorry mission impossible 4)

If you’re excited by Contagion or Argo, fine, I guess I could see that but the majority of movies he’s been in recently or attached himself too are awful, not fantastic

Mr Anonymous

I wonder what other role he was offered in X-Men: First Class when they gave the role of Sebastian to Kevin Bacon?

I don’t see who else he could have played unless it was the role Aaron from 24 had.

Anyway, smart move!

franny faizon

@ Smart Play, Cranston
You forgot Contagion, John Carter, Argo, and the fact that he’s the lead on the best show on television, but yeah, you’re right – he’s garbage.

nolan is my bitch

The poster screams THE DARK KNIGHT DRIVE

Smart play, Cranston, smart play

“Bryan Cranston, who seems to have a shoehorn up his ass for fantastic projects”

do you really consider “Larry Crowne” “Rock of Ages” Len Wiseman’s “Total Recall” remake and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s much delayed “Red Tails” good projects? A cameo in “World War Z?”

If anything I’m wondering how a guy with so much buzz can be attached so much garbage.

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