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Watch: Nicole Kidman Cashes a Paycheck in Trailer for “Trespass”

Watch: Nicole Kidman Cashes a Paycheck in Trailer for "Trespass"

Nicole Kidman must have really enjoyed her time spent hamming it up on the set of “Batman Forever.” That (and a payday) appear to be the only justifiable reasons she agreed to reteam with her “Batman” helmer Joel Schumacher for the domestic thriller “Trespass,” which plays TIFF in September before heading to VOD and limited release in theaters October 14.

While both Nicolas Cage and Kidman are Oscar winners, “Trespass” is a Millennium production — a high-end Millennium production, but still. Recent Millennium credits include “Drive Angry,” “The Mechanic” and “Stone” — high-action titles, high-caliber casts, forgettable movies. (Fingers crossed that things will change with Millennium production “The Paperboy,” Lee Daniels’ first film since “Precious.”)

The trailer dropped late last night and it looks like more of the same. Kidman and Cage are a very well-off married couple who become victims of a vicious home invasion; betrayal and deception follow.

Kidman screams and look mysterious; Cage mugs it up to his heart’s content as a victim who fights back. It looks like it should do very well in its post-theatrical life.

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Teresita Kentwell

This movie doesnt deserve to be dumped straight to video.The movie reviewer should have another rethink of their decision.There are other movies worse than this movie. Wake up movie reviewers. Listen to the moviegoers.


It looks good, maybe the whole video thing is a publicity stunt? It kinda makes me curious and want to see it even more.


LMAO! How about some honest reporting? Millennium has also put out pictures like “Trust” with Clive Owen ad Catherine Keener. The Trespass trailer looks good. How about giving it an honest chance without slagging off the studio for no reason.


No.. not prejudice, it’s a general distaste for a movie that was made for a under served international audience. If you want a good idea of what a simple well done thriller should look like seek out ‘Point Blank.’ It’s a well done film that offers the basics put together in a great way.


Oh please! The trailer isn’t that bad and the movie looks ok. I don’t understand this negativity. Just bacause Schumacher is directing? Well, he did good works. This is nothing but just a bad prejudice.

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