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Watch: Red Band Trailer For ‘The Sitter’ Is Basically ‘Superbad’/’Pineapple Express’ With Kids

Watch: Red Band Trailer For 'The Sitter' Is Basically 'Superbad'/'Pineapple Express' With Kids

It seemed earlier this spring everyone’s funny bone was severely damaged when no one showed up for the awesomely retarded “Your Highness,” David Gordon Green‘s R-rated fantasy adventure. Maybe it was the swords or perhaps James Franco, but for whatever reason, no one wanted to get with it. Your loss really, but Green is back for another stab at the R-rated apple with “The Sitter.”

After a rather way-too-long intro by Jonah Hill and the precocious, swearing youngsters from the movie, we get dropped into the trailer which introduces us to Noah, an unemployed slacker who is quite adept at cunnilingus. He’s cajoled into babysitting to earn some cash and suddenly…finds himself on the run from drug dealers? Yeah, that’s not really explained well at all, which may be why the laughs in this are surprisingly absent. At least until Sam Rockwell shows up and the last bit with Hill trading lines with the black dude is pretty fucking funny. But overall, “The Sitter” feels almost too similar to “Superbad” or “Pineapple Express,” a road trip/journey movie only this time with little kids in tow. But maybe that’s just because it’s broad trailer #1. Who knows, time will tell and Green did describe the film to us as having an “After Hours” vibe, so there’s that.

Max Records, Ari Graynor, J.B. Smoove and Method Man round out the cast and film will hit theaters on December 9th. Don’t bring the kids.

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awsomely retarded? how very 4th grade of you to use words that mock the disabled.


David Gordon Green, you were supposed to be the next Terrence Malick!

How far you’ve fallen..

Christopher Bell

Damn Jonah lookin sharp


Sign me, I will watch any David Gordon Green film, esp one that has Sam Rockwell in it…


1st. and foremost. ‘your highness’ is one of the worst and laziest films ever made. “awesomely retarded?” well thats half right and a wholly ignorant comment.

2nd. “my dad says white people suck, is that true?” that’s pretty funny. and the trailer isn’t thaaat bad.

3rd. does anyone remember when DGG made real films? ‘george washington’ seems like it was made on a distant planet.

thank you.


dude…am i in a parallel universe of crap? this is what passes as a movie today? trash.

Cory Everett

A word of warning to those watching this at work. Turn down your speakers for a few seconds after the Hill intro. Do not do as I did (turn them up.)

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