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Watch: Sam Worthington Tries On A Texan Accent In ‘Texas Killing Fields’ Trailer

Watch: Sam Worthington Tries On A Texan Accent In 'Texas Killing Fields' Trailer

We initially didn’t have very high expectations for “Texas Killing Fields,” but when the film landed an in competition slot at the Venice Film Festival our interest was piqued. Perhaps there was more than meets the eye to what seemed a pretty rote crime thriller. Well, our initial instincts seem to be spot on.

A fresh trailer has arrived and despite a pretty okay cast — Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chloe Moretz, Stephen Graham, Jessica Chastain and Jason Clarke — the film seems to take a pretty good true life foundation and run it into the ground. The thriller revolves around a series of unsolved murders in League City, Texas, where 21 women were killed or have disappeared since 1971. What could have been a good “Zodiac“-esque procedural quickly gives way to car chases and vaulting over fences, with a couple of jump scare type shenanigans. We’ll let you decided about Worthington’s attempt at an accent, but there are just some things you can’t CGI. And is it just us or is Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking more and more like Javier Bardem with each passing day?

Still, maybe there is something the movie has going for it. Again, that competition slot in Venice is throwing us for a loop. Though maybe it has something to do with director Ami Canaan Mann sharing the surname with another noted director. Maybe. The film opens on October 7th. Trailer below. [Filmonic]

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For my money, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is far better looking than Javier Bardem. It does seem that I’m alone in this opinion though.

I’m actually looking forward to this one – I *like* the classic police procedure format a great deal. (And I thought Zodiac was kind of dull and could have benefited from a couple of jumped fences.)


I lived in Texas, Worthington’s accent is nowhere near a Texas accent. The guy just can’t do accents.


Maybe its because you lowered my expectations but from these little snippets I thought Worthington’s accent was okay, at least about as good as most Americans attempts at a Texas accent.


Let me guess the Jessica Chastain character will be strong and independent for most of the movie until the third act when she becomes weak and helpless and gets kidnapped by the killer necessitating her rescue by Worthington and Morgan.


No! We must not have any action in a movie about a murder investigation, only Bergmanesque reflection about the nature of the psyche that could possibly drive such a heinous act. Obviously the only example of her father’s work that Ms. Mann should have learned from is “The Insider.”


“What could have been a good “Zodiac”-esque procedural quickly gives way to car chases and vaulting over fences”

Reading your comment, I thought I was about to watch a Michael Bay-style action extravaganza. Later I realised it was just 2-3 shots, that look like parts of some old-school action set piece.

Also I’d like to remind you that Michael Mann’s filmography contains vaulting over fences and car chases. Why’s that such a bad thing? It’s part of the cinematic police procedure.


Sam Worthington can’t do accents to save his life. I lived in Texas that is nothing close to a Texas accent. I didn’t know Texas had become close to the Australian Outback. And as for the Based on a True Story. Well there is in fact a state in the USA called Texas, everything else is fictionalized.

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