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Watch: Sundance Shocker “The Woman” Gets a New Trailer

Watch: Sundance Shocker "The Woman" Gets a New Trailer

If you want a good idea of why Sundance got all riled up this year over Lucky McKee’s exploitation film “The Woman,” check out the latest trailer for the horror pic which hits theaters October 14, just in time for Halloween.

Film goers got their first taste of “The Woman” with the film’s suitably shocking, teaser. The new fleshed-out clip starts out on a relatively cheery note by showing family man Christopher Cleek (Sean Bridgers) maintaining his sense of “order” around the house. Things take a turn for the twisted when he comes across a feral lady roaming the woods, whom he captures in a net and locks up in a barn. From there on in, all hell breaks loose.

Judging by the trailer, “The Woman” seems to be going for an ironic edge of some sort and it won’t scare so much as revolt.

Watch at your own discretion. You know what you’re signing up for. For more films like this, check out our list of upcoming films that promise to offend.

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