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Watch Trailer for Ambitious Ensemble Cast Drama “Dreams” (Demand to Theaters)

Watch Trailer for Ambitious Ensemble Cast Drama "Dreams" (Demand to Theaters)

After watching the trailer for this upcoming drama Dreams, written, directed and co-produced by Joel Kapity, I can say I’m definitely curious about this project, which is currently in post-production. The film stars Jazsmin Lewis, Terri Vaughn, Lou Myers, Mel Jackson, Angie Stone, Dennis L.A. White and Syesha Mercado, among others.

The film’s synopsis reads: “If you were to watch another’s dream unfold, what would you see? DREAMS the movie gives you a captivating look inside the journey of four dreamers; a dancer, a singer, an ex-boxer, and a rapper, who are all tied together by life’s most common thread: the past. What are you to do when life presents you obstacles too tall to climb? Director, Joel Kapity’s DREAMS, unveils the hope that lies within life’s struggles. With storytelling paralleling that of the movie, Crash, DREAMS, grapples with tough issues including abuse and it’s daunting affects.”

Dreams Executive Producer, Marvin Winans Jr, hopes Demand it, a new social media tool to campaign for the film, will deem successful and bring it to theaters, as it did with the film Paranormal Activity.

Click HERE to support and demand Dreams to a city near you.

Based on the trailer alone, this film looks like it has potential. Take a look.

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pass . . . seriously


LMBAO on how many people who commented on this post must know the people who are involved with the marketing of this film. Except for maybe 4 of the regular commentators on here I’ve never seen any of those other names before. I must have struck a nerve. My bad for stating my opinion and keeping it real. Damn!

Alunda adams

Yall this movie is good the part you are showing make you want to see the rest oh my GOD


Woah I see a lot of drama in this trailer. I see abusive father, husbands, brothers. I see abuse victims sisters, brothers, mothers, children and close friends. Is it just me or do Black people like to tell stories about being abused?

I know we had a discussion about psychological case stories but I don’t get the fascination with this particular theme in Black films.


I’m really excited about this film. I can’t wait to see it. I really like the trailer. I can’t wait to see the younger actors in this movie. They look like they might all be headed to Hollywood!

Dion R.

I’m down!!! I’m demanding it for L.A.!!!


Had to watch it twice because it was intense! Definitely wanna see it! Looks like the acting is superb!!


This looks very interesting! It seems deep. Not fluffy and predictable like most movies these days…


It’s like 15 different stories in one movie. The purpose I guess, eh? Acting seems solid; looks good. Might rent. Good luck to ’em.


@JMac HA! I had the same reaction. And I must say that Ms. Syesha from American Idol looks like she just may have some acting talent.


Dear God, another hardship story with over acting actors and singer, do black people ever rise? SMH. And what’s with the 4 minute trailers lately??? I’ll pass.

I’m SMH’ng my head over your comment. Really, is that the best you could do while sitting on your couch probably thinking about which web site you will troll on next. Trailer looks beautiful and the film looks very well shot. You lost all credibility with me when you complain about a 4 minute trailer…..I was sure with all the ritalin you probably take that you could last for a whole 4 minutes. Anyhow, I cant wait to see this and i will demand it NOW!


I’m beginning to think all black people have been abused. Or at least that’s what’s been put out in the universe in every film since Tyler Perry appeared on the scene.


Was that Mr. Gaines? Eldin? Tommy? Looks a little heavy handed but wouldn’t mind giving it a chance.


Dear God, another hardship story with over acting actors and singer, do black people ever rise? SMH. And what’s with the 4 minute trailers lately??? I’ll pass.

Rhonda W.

That trailer was real interesting. I’m going to Demand It in my city(Columbia, SC).

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