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Watch Trailer for Improvised Action Drama “513”

Watch Trailer for Improvised Action Drama "513"

This project has been in post-production for a while now, as it was filmed back in 2009. According to its imdb, it should be released sometime this year, maybe. I also didn’t see it profiled at the site, so here we go.

Written and directed by Kader Ayd, the cast for 513 includes Bishop Lamont, Taryn Manning, Tom Sizemore, Steven Bauer, Damon Whitaker, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Bokeem Woodbine.

The synopsis for the film reads, “This is the first time an ensemble cast is trusted with improvising for the big screen, adding to the suspense, integrity and raw nature of the film. It is a dramatic story where tensions runs high and the shakes get even higher for two brothers who are trying to use the corruption surrounding them to climb their way to better lives… Like a black hole, this world sucks them in along with the big crooks that keep them down and spirals until no one is in control.”

I don’t know anything else about the project; feel free to chime in if you know something I don’t.

Here’s the trailer below. It looks “intense” and has an interesting score.

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Vanessa Martinez

One person I didn’t see in the trailer is Taryn Manning, she played the white prostitute in Hustle and Flow. Did I miss her? O.o


If I didn’t read the synopsis I would have no idea what the film is about. How can you have a 4 min + trailer that doesn’t tell you what the film is about? SMH…

Yawn...another one of these...

Another black-people-with guns film. I think hood films are lazy story telling. It’s just more stereotypes of violent gun slinging black male criminals. Seriously there’s got to be more than this. I mean how many times is this same friggin film going to be made?? Let’s do something else that at least remotely inspires imagination. Damn…


Oops, I meant to say did not see her…Ignore the typos!


@ Tamara

Nope. I didn’t not see her either in the 4min trailer. I also, saw Glenn Plummer (“South Central” 1992, “The Corner” T.V series, Saw II)

I agree with darkan & Yawn…another one of these I think the trailer is way too long and it does not reveal anything about story. I am so tired of watching “ghetto-hood-tales” that take place in America’s backyard.


I hope the helicopter shots and bagpipes and timpani soundtrack make the film more worthwhile than the trailer. And at this juncture it seems the trailer may be more entertaining than the film.

I am reminded of Inigo Montoya: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Because “you killed my brother” was on some serious repeat.

Not to be wholly negative or contrary to what this film could be, I will give “This is the first time an ensemble cast is trusted with improvising for the big screen, adding to the suspense, integrity and raw nature of the film. a head-nod. Hopefully it can ‘hold up’ the film…or whatever.

A change of pace would be taking it to the desert…or a deserted island…or in the heart of the outback where this LA criminal film-faction #2,456, sub-set D-list42345 could really stretch their proverbial acting chops in the midst of a non-typical setting…

Or something.

Good luck.

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