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Watch Trailer For “Life Love Soul” Co-starring Jamie Hector And Chad Coleman From “The Wire”

Watch Trailer For "Life Love Soul" Co-starring Jamie Hector And Chad Coleman From "The Wire"

Here’s the trailer for the family drama film Life Love Soul which makes its New York premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival next month (September 14-18).

Directed by Noel Calloway, the film stars Jamie Hector, Chad Coleman, Robbie Tate-Brickle, Terri J. Vaughn, Tami Roman and Mia Michelle.

The story is about…”a talented young mans struggle to regain control of his life after the devastating loss of his family. After a forced reunion with his estranged father, Roosevelt attempts to work through past mistakes while inadvertently making all new ones.”

To gain more info on the festival, go HERE.

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They still haven't paid their film crew since '07 #occupy


What a great story, its refreshing to still have poignant stories like this, that somehow manages to ‘slip’ thru the stingy cracks to gain some kind of much needed exposure.


Thank the Lord!!! A film about real and strong men facing problems and obstacles together and overcoming them. About damn time. Thank God for New York actors!!!


Actually this looks interesting and JAMIE HECTOR’S in it! *dies* I would watch just about anything with him in it. Oh yeah and Tami? wow, wasn’t expecting to see her.

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