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Weekend Box Office (Aug 12-14); Strong Opening For “The Help;” Makes $35 Million

Weekend Box Office (Aug 12-14); Strong Opening For "The Help;" Makes $35 Million

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was No.1 this weekend; but, maybe not surprisingly, The Help came in a strong No.2, doing much better than projected. The film, which opened on Wednesday, has pulled in over $35 million. That’s a solid opening for the very modestly-budgeted $25 million film, and it looks like it’s well on it’s way to make 90 million or more.

For those of you who liked the film (Don’t be ashamed. I know you’re out there; come on out) it’s good news; but for those who hated, or just don’t want to see the film (like me), look on the bright side – Viola Davis’ “quote” (i.e. her fee per film) just went up significantly.

And you’ll notice that Glee 3D didn’t even make the top ten list, making a paltry $5.5 million; hopefully it means that, thankfully, people have had enough of that show:

1. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (Fox) Weekend $2 , Cume $104.4M
2. The Help (DreamWorks/Disney) Weekend $25.7M, Cume $35.5M
3. Final Destination 5 – 3D (New Line/Warners) Weekend $18.4M4. The Smurfs (Sony) Weekend $13.5M, Cume $101.5M
5. 30 Minutes Or Less (Sony) Weekend $1
6. Cowboys & Aliens (DreamWorks/Universal) Estimated Weekend $7M, Estimated Cume $80.8M
7. Crazy, Stupid, Love (Warner Bros) Estimated Weekend $7M, Estimated Cume $55.3M
8. Captain America (Marvel/Disney/Paramount) Estimated Weekend $6.5M, Estimated Cume $156.2M
9. Harry Potter/Hallows Pt 2 (Warner Bros) Weekend $6.7M, Cume $356.8M
10. The Change-Up (Universal) Estimated Weekend $6M, Estimated Cume $25.5M

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The movie did well because it was good… Plain-and-Simple. Granted, the book was obviously a draw, but after seeing it, I’d recommend it to others.


The book sold over 3 million copies and already has a built in audience so it is no surprise the film was a huge hit. It is funny that Emma Stone’s career is probably going to explode because of The Help yet I doubt Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer will get leading lady film roles.


The built-in audience was definitely the draw. Book’s been on the shelves since ’09.

The majority of those in attendance at my visit Friday night (all screens sold-out at the one theater I went to) were white majority white women, white kids and some Black folk… So, not surprised it did this well.


I think if anything this film is successful because it was a successful book. Maybe some Emma Stone fans showed up. Maybe some Viola Davis fans showed up. Maybe some were interested in seeing black folks somewhere. But ultimately I think the book is the major draw. Love Emma Stone but I always said to myself that I would not watch movies about slaves, maids,etc. Hopefully this gets Viola and Octavia some notoriety. And this will help Emma’s rising star even more. At least til the end of 2012 Emma will be super famous.


What was surprising to me is that I’m in Dallas, TX and there was double the amount of white people in attendance than black on a Saturday night.
Well they were probably folks who read the book or had grandparents that lived during that time and told them about it.

Emma Stone’s fee and profile have been raised even higher

Then the movie did its job then. It’s not about the black actresses in this film. To many in Hollywood-no matter how much this films makes and showcase them-it’s not going to be good enough for them.


I agree about Rise/Apes. it was good but it wasn’t ALL THAT. It’s basically a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes


I’ve already seen “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”, it was pretty good, but nothing mindblowing.


@ Bobby Ray & Cornell, my brothers my brothers. I needed you two strong black men by my side over the last 2 weeks. Yes sir, the crowd **looking around S & A ** was beating me up something terrible for saying words simillar to y’alls. But anyway, in reference to the crowd in attendance, I heard the same things. One of my friends said when she went, there was only 9 black faces in the crowd. But as the days have gone by and the real words trickle out, I hear that more and more black faces are going to see the movie to voice an opinion all their own.


@tambay I would go see both those movies.

Bobby Ray

I liked the Help. I don’t know why so many people are against it. I mean, stuff like what happened in the book/film is how it was. Sad but true. Ok, maybe it was another “black struggle” movie, but at least it put some of our stars out there in front of a larger audience. What was surprising to me is that I’m in Dallas, TX and there was double the amount of white people in attendance than black on a Saturday night. I’ve learned that you just have to go see movies for yourself, sometimes I read people review’s and I’m just left wondering “WTF did I just read?” I think it had a good story and some good acting.


Yeah Emma Stone is somebody all of sudden. I remember when she had really small roles a few years back like “Superbad” now she is featured on every magazine cover. I guess, she is the new young “it girl” for Hollywood.

Gigi Young

And Emma Stone’s fee and profile have been raised even higher…just like Kathryn Stockett/Skeeter Phelan…


Yeah that Glee didn’t make the list!

So the Help is making about the same money as a Tyler Perry film? Interesting. I hope that pay increase for Viola doesn’t mean she’ll be typecast until the day she dies.


Yay! to Viola Davis….I’ll reconsider seeing it for her alone.


Coming soon… “The Help 2: Aibileen’s Revenge.”

I’m waiting for someone to take Tarantino’s approach and make some revisionist flick in which a rag-tag group of black maids in the 60s go after their employers and wreak havoc.

Or how about turning them into superheroes – maids by day, superheroes at night. The possibilities are endless folks :)

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