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Weekend Box Office Aug.19-21 (“The Help” Cleans Up, Takes Top Spot)

Weekend Box Office Aug.19-21 ("The Help" Cleans Up, Takes Top Spot)

The Help jumped to this weekend’s No. 1 slot, which will either make some people happy and others not so happy. The question now is how far past the $100 million mark will it go.

The two remakes of 80’s movies were huge dissapointments, but was anyone really demanding a remake of Conan The Barbarian, or Fright Night (despite the latter getting really good reviews)?

Also increasingly audiences are getting wise to when a film is in 3D (like Conan and Fright Night) which more than likely nowadays means ” this film really sucks so it’s in 3D to sucker you into seeing it”

And Attack the Block now playing in 44 screens has made a total to date of $600,000. The rest of the list below:

1) The Help BV $20,479,000 Total: $71,801,000
2) Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox $16,300,000 Total: $133,764,000
3) Spy Kids: All the Time in the World W/Dim. $12,020,000
4) Conan the Barbarian LGF $10,000,000
5) The Smurfs Sony $8,000,000 Total:$117,745,000
6) Fright Night BV $7,900,000 Total: $8,300,000
7) Final Destination 5 WB (NL) $7,705,000 Total:$32,328,000
8) 30 Minutes or Less Sony $6,300,000 Total:$25,762,000
9) One Day Focus $5,128,000
10) Crazy, Stupid, Love WB $4,950,000 Total:$64,420,000
11) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 WB $4,405,000 Total:$365,901,000
12) Cowboys & Aliens Uni. $4,194,000 Total:$89,476,000

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Geneva Girl

Despite the flaws in the film, which were many, it was a movie that I could take my parents to, and did. There is not a lot out there right now that I could say that about. Then again, I’d have taken my folks to see Attack the Block and they would have loved it.

As for the Smurfs, we drew straws to see who’d take the munchkin. Grandma lost, but she said it wasn’t half bad. She didn’t even fall asleep.


@ Darkan:
“The success of this film is white America showing us black people how they want to be entertained in regards to our appearances on the big screen. ”

A freaking-men. I guess the critics should congratulate Viola for fattening up & playing a maid instead of having to be one.

Let’s see if middle aged Whites go out in droves to see Red Tails, and if they will be targeted with outreach campaigns to convince them there were Black heroes during WWII.


Great news for Attack the Block.

Not surprised by The Help’s number.

Wanted to see Fright Night but most likely will wait for a rental. Love Colin.


Word of mouth has been staggering through out the black community. Damn Shame.
Well you have to understand if they don’t have family members that grew up during that era and in that region where this film is based-they are going to see it different then those of us with family members that dealt with that stuff in real life.

That message also says-we need to do a better job of educating our people about thier history.

Same with the Blindside-if you didn’t know a thing about this guy-it was a feel good story.

I am not interested in this film because I can talk to folks who lived during this. They LAUGH at how fake the Help is to them. Those white folks that was “helping” them were really trying to kep them from doing better then them.

And how the hell did the Smurf’s rake in $117 million cumulative?!
The parents of the kids who are going to this film where the same ones who grew up watching the show in the 80s.

The adults who go see it aren’t ashamed to admit it unliek those who watch Glee but didn’t go to the movie.


@ JMac, I am glad you said what you did. My biggest ” complaint” is directed at those that contribute little or nothing yet scream “bloody murder” the loudest.

Also, when I get in a debate with someone on this blog, I generally know where they’re coming from because in many cases they’ve shared their background. For instance you’ve share that you’re in the judicial system, Blu Topaz lives in NY and is involved in arts and the movie business. Charles Jordan is involved in the Atlanta Film Festival and Jug is an actor. Sergio writes for Ebony so I know where he is coming from. Monique is an aspiring screenwriter, and a single mother of 3. And Miles is in the loop. Also Dwanka Brooks, Darkan and reg. All of the above individuals write long posts that shows their invested interests ( I’ve disagreed with them all but seldom do we go to the other side). So when some drop by with the big personal blasts, I am left to wonder who they are and what’s their agenda and what they are bringing to the table, and why?

Divisive? yes, sometimes, and that’s the nature of many discussions. An emotional respond is the core and value of many disagreements. Attention seeking? I hope so. To a large degree, when someone speaks, I am of the belief that they want someone to pay attention to their words. If not, like you said/implied, what’s the purpose of any discussion and what’s left if there’s no disagreement?

I was once chastised by a poster for not qualifying my opinion when I said a movie sucked. I thought about that and she was right. I should have said exactly why the movie sucked – in my opinion. I am suggesting that those who feel the need to attack others should at least bring a post, a quote, or at the very least an example that ushered in there disdain of the other person. I have every comment – that I’ve ever made -on this site (in my folders.. yes I do) so if someone has a disagreement with my “verbiage”, I’d be glad to address any of them and see where I may have erred. I’ve disagreed on The Help…. Tyler Perry…. pointing fingers a white folks; running them off the blog when they give their honest opinions…. what’s a coon, and movies in general, and for the most part, I’ve found myself in conflict with the most popular opinions. And that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.

JMac said: Now [some] people want certain posters to stop posting. On a site. That they don’t own. Or control. Or contribute to.


The Truth? said: Carey will type anything for a reaction. He’s an idiot and a nut job, at best.

Listen Truth, you guys are going to get me in trouble because when you give a man a smile he while generally give one back. However, on the flip side, when you come with the above words, I’m compelled to do the same. You know, that’s how the man game goes. So, lets talk about reactions, since nobody called your name. If you take my nuts and d*ck out of yo mouth, then come back and tell me YOUR reaction. I mean, you’re crying up in here like a bitch b/c of what?

See, babble that for a little attention you little punk in the closet. Geez, punks-ass bitches I despise. Pull down your skirt, your panties are showing. And truth, did you notice I didn’t come at sonofbaldwin like that because he came with a little class and style. But YOU came with the hot shot. That’s only fair – right? He came like a man but you came like a sissy.

Yeah, you said it yourself, play with a puppy and you might get licked in the face.

And btw, I don’t do what in “our/your debates? YOUR DEBATES?! You’re so silly. I’ve had hundreds of debates with much more right-minded/intelligent people – here on this site, 50 or more – than you appear to be. So please, pickup your lip and stop smelling your own ass. You’re showing all your hold cards.

CareyCarey @


First some people want a blogger here to leave because of his “divisive” posts. Now people want certain posters to stop posting. On a site. That they don’t own. Or control. Or contribute to.

Step three is someone here will create another black movie blog but will only invite “certain people” access. After a few months (or weeks), interest will die so sharply that the new blog will cease to exist and everybody will end up back here anyway and just learn to ignore people they don’t like.

Do we have to be so predictable? Can’t we all just get along?

And how the hell did the Smurf’s rake in $117 million cumulative?!

Adam Scott Thompson

If we’re discussing this from a pure filmmaking standpoint, it was a well told story. The character arcs were satisfying, even if the movie did swing for the melodrama at times (and it ran too long — another knock).

I went to see the movie BECAUSE of the controversy, so I guess those who hated on the movie out loud (not judging) are actually helping to fuel the numbers.

The showing I went to was packed, but it was me and five other blacks (I checked). Everybody else was white, mostly middle-aged. There were parts where they laughed and I didn’t think it was funny. Some of them boo-hoo’d through the whole film. I’ll admit my eyes watered a couple of times, like when Medgar Evers got shot. As a black man that affects you, that he died in his driveway, shot down like a dog.

I don’t know…

I only saw the movie because I think those who condemn a work of film, TV or theater without actually viewing it are speaking full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I had to see it to know how to ultimately feel about. The same way as “Mississippi Burning,” I suppose — entertained yet conflicted.

To be clear, though, I hate, hate, HATE what I call “White Shadow” films, where a white person has everything but lacks “soul” and finds it by helping a minority group because they can’t save themselves — usually from a situation caused by white people.


The success of this film is white America showing us black people how they want to be entertained in regards to our appearances on the big screen. The ironic thing is how many black people I’ve seen posting “how great a film this is” on Facebook in their profiles and are helping this process. Word of mouth has been staggering through out the black community. Damn Shame. I remember how many people was pushing “The Blind Side” as the feel good movie of the year. I bet if they showed shit how it really was back then during the civil rights movement it wouldn’t be close to making 100 million that’s for sure. Too bad the didn’t do this type of word of mouth for “Talk To Me”. Black people will be the architects of their own demise.



Makes sense because SHIT is what you are so full of.

Well said sonofbladwin. This film being successfu is no shock.

Carey will type anything for a reaction. He brings nothing to our debates except attention whoring, mindless babble. He’s a nut job, at best.

Then he tries to act HARD when someone calls him out.




Mr. CareyCarey is smiling like Felix the black cat **BIG SHIT EATIN GRIN** but no analysis today. I’m on a tweet break.

we won an Oscr 4 GWTW 2.


I wonder if it’ll make, comparatively, as much money as THE BIRTH OF A NATION or GONE WITH THE WIND.

Where’s CareyCarey, the Imitation Internet Negro, with his/her positive analysis?


Hopefully with the success of ‘The Help’, Viola Davis will get more lead roles!


The Help is getting outstanding word of mouth and should make 150 million in the Boxoffice. Oscar nods are next.

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